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Amy Jane Thomas gives insight on how to avoid “closet chaos” in her book Closet Secrets

For most people “closet chaos” is something that is experienced every day. Spending too much time looking for something to wear or only finding half an outfit and the other is too wrinkled to wear can be very frustrating. Amy Jane Thomas has a solution. In her book, Closet Secrets - Essential Advice for Expertly Designing Your Closet or Dressing Room, she outlines tips that can help in optimizing closet space. She points out that the home has become a sanctuary, a place that when you walk into it, you want to find what she calls “visual peace.”




Closet Secrets is THE book to read before starting a closet, dressing room, or other storage projects. Even for those who have a professional working on the designs, the essential advice in this book will arm the reader with a checklist of criteria to make sure the design is workable, comfortable, optimal for the desired space, as well as fitting the wardrobe and lifestyle.




The author covers closet organization well, mainly dwells on topics often overlooked by many, like strategic placement and ease of maintenance. On the closet design and space optimization, she gives the reader comprehensive and concise information offering enough clear data without getting bogged down in technical jargon. In a nutshell, she believes that each place is different, as well as the people who inhabit it.


While emphasizing the need to unclutter, the author points out that big does not always equal organized and comfortable, and creating a comfortable optimized space begins at the planning stage. The ideas given in this book are aimed towards a more maximalist attitude without going overboard.




In his review, Maan Aljasser,the founder of Creative Closets, Saudi Arabia, described the author as an authority on home storage and organization, recommending the book to anyone seeking advice on the matter – designers, consumers, and manufacturers alike.


JayneGunderson, President Events & Hotel Construction, El Cigarral de las Mercedes, Toledo, Spain, while recommending the book before starting any storage project, says that Amy has conveyed her know-how and tips that can make the project a complete success.


Michaela Schenk, the CEO of MAWA GmbH, speaks highly of the author and the book adding, that readers will truly understand the quality, functionality, and individuality that makes a MAWA hanger precisely the perfect hanger for clever people.


The book was released in November 2020 in Spanish, and on Black Friday 2020, a Closet Secrets special MAWA edition was released in German and English. The book is available on Amazon.


About the author


Amy Jane Thomas has over 25 years of experience in designing and building all types of closets, dressing rooms, and custom-made furniture for all kinds of homes, ranging from the small studio or pied-a-terre to castles, and everything in between. Amy Thomas has been getting into people’s closets, using her skills as a custom-make furniture designer, having been challenged by a wide variety of spaces. After having designed over 10,000 closets, wardrobes, and other built-ins, she is taking it one step further, and writing about how and why this is such a hot topic, and how to make our homes our sanctuaries.


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