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New Hong Kong-based Social Media platform: Boxden - 俠登

A Hong Kong social media platform that allows users to connect with others, search for jobs, and make new friends while ensuring high-performance privacy protection is now available. is a one-stop style platform for local Hong Kong users mainly with B2B features such as advertising, new user registers, and an auto-follow for pre-set users. Users will be able to use the platform to search and offer jobs, as well as start an e-Shop among other related activities.


Boxden - 俠登 is owned by Axiox Media Technology Limited, a company that offers platform service to users and provides global site ranking SEO services.


“This platform will change the entire social media environment, as no other social media service provider can guarantee the whole site privacy protect, and we did and are doing it”, said Wong Kwan Chi, the CEO.


The platform promises its users a high level of privacy, according to the platform spokesperson, stating that they should be assured that the data they share is not sold to any third party. The platform maintains high-performance privacy protection.


“And users can sell their own product, offer a new job, post a coupon, create your own group, create your page or transfer the wallet credit to other users”, said the platform spokesperson, while outlining some of the features that make it unique.


Augustine Wong, one of the platform users urges people to use it and experience the difference. “You should use it, and see the difference,” said Wong.


“I am a photographer and love to share my photo works. Sometimes I need to upload a ‘none’ location info photo, I need to delete it by myself and upload it. But in, you just upload, and it's done! No need to delete by myself, very easy to use,” said Peter Chung, one of the platform users.


About Axiox Media


Axiox Media Technology was founded in 2020. It provides platform service to users, as well as providing global site ranking SEO service. The highly-customized service aims to meet customers’ needs while ensuring value for their money is delivered while maintaining high quality.


Media contact info


Name: Wong Kwan Chi (Zeck Wong)

Title: CEO

Phone: +852 5420 8600


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