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Shark ion robot r75 vacuum with wi-fi Q&A

Robot vacuum cleaners are on the rising tide to become one of the most essential tools of a modern household. If we think about it, the reasons are obvious: to get something that operates on its own, something that gets your floors shiny and spotless effortlessly? 


It’s like having a housekeeper for free or at a very low cost. All machines, robot cleaners included, require a little bit of maintenance. In the end, there is a cost to everything. But the benefits of modern robot cleaners, for some people, more than outweigh the costs. 
Among others, the shark ion robot 750 robotic vacuum has been gaining widespread popularity among homeowners for its powerful suction, long battery life, smart connection to AI, all the while maintaining an affordable market price. If you are planning to get one for yourself but still have questions, you have come to the right place! 
TheKingLive is a review site operated by experienced and knowledgeable reviewers, whose main job is to produce thorough product assessment to help users like you. Why would we want to do that? You may ask. Because we are users too!—and we’re sick and tired of brands telling lies about their products and exaggerating the truth for marketing. 
Users need to be protected; they deserve to know the truth about the products for which they are spending their hard-earned money to buy. Tht is why independent third parties like us exist to help bridge the knowledge gap between consumers and brands, to tell you what companies don’t want you to know. 
In this article, we will compile a list of the most asked questions on the Internet and present them to you with the most thorough answer possible. Stay tuned! 
What are the benefits of robot vacuum cleaners over traditional ones?
First and foremost, robot vacuum cleaners are much more compact. While the lightest stick cleaners weigh around 7 to 10 pounds, a robot vacuum cleaner weighs… oh wait, who cares? You never have to lift the thing up because it cleans on its own, so why bother with how much it weighs? (maybe except when you have to transport it, but this happens probably rarely at best). So there you have it, a vacuum that gets your home free of dust and debris without you having to put a finger on it. 
Furthermore, because of the shape of these types of vacuums, that makes it easier for them to get underneath narrow corners. The Shark Ion Robot 750 vacuum in particular has a round and flat shape that allows it to get under the couch, under the bed, or anywhere else that is hard to reach. 
This, compared to traditional vacuums, is a huge plus. Remember that time when you have to lift the whole sofa up to clean the space under it? Or the time that you summoned all the manpower there was in your house just to get that cluster of dirt underneath the bed out of the way. Robot cleaners get such mess out of the way in no time. 
Besides the aforementioned, robot vacuum cleaners are time-saving, follow your orders neatly, and good robot vacuums get the floors spotless as if they have just been deep cleaned. 
Are there any downsides to them?
Of course there are. As like anything else, robot cleaners have both good and bad sides. The problem is not how to get the best cleaner there is on earth (simply because there isn’t any), but one that suits your needs. 
The first thing to keep in mind is the price. Robot cleaners are on the somewhat more expensive side. The Shark ion robot rv750, for example, cost around $170 USD on Amazon at the time of writing this post. There are cheaper models available but they do not contain as many modern features as the more expensive ones, and more expensive models are not as affordable. The Shark RV750, according to many experts, is priced right there in the sweet spot where affordability meets utility. 
The second thing is the battery. Anything that runs on a battery runs for limited time. The reason is because every battery, including those of your laptop, your phone, and also your cleaner, wears out with long-term use. The only thing that would require human assistance is to make sure that the battery is well taken care of. 
This includes tasks like having it checked every now and then and replacing it if necessary. Also, before buying a robot cleaner, remember to ask about the battery life. This refers to how long the machine can operate before it needs recharging. According to Shark Ion Robot R75 reviews, this cleaner can work for up to 90 minutes on a single charge. 
How well do they clean my house?
If there is one reason why consumers do not buy a robot cleaner, besides its high price, it would be the fact that it has limited cleaning capacity. This reality is inevitable for any vacuums, even traditional ones, that are lightweight and compact. 
Their limited design is simply not built for heavy-duty work. What they can do, however, is give your house a frequent, quick clean. This is beneficial in its own way because it prevents dirt and debris from piling up over time. For this reason, you might not need to deep clean the house at all. 
According to Shark Ion Robot reviews, it is best to clear things out of the way whenever you plan to run the robot cleaner. If you have small children in the house, look out for scattering toys around the floor, or if you have many little decorations on floors or carpets, look out for those as well. The reason is that they are all potential hazards for your cleaner. Although good modern robot vacuums are designed with the best sensor systems, it is still advisable to clear out obstacles. 
What happens if they run out of charge? 
Out of the box, the vacuum should come with a charging dock. This is where the machine will recharge itself. Simply place the dock near an outlet, place it firmly against the wall or a solid surface for support, then plug the charger in. The Shark Ion Robot™ 750 connected robotic vacuum comes with a charger that lights up to indicate what mode it is currently operating on. 
When you plug the dock in, the light on the side of the charger lights up in green to let you know that it is connected. Once you place the machine on top, the charger connects with the input, and the lights on the robots turn blue to let you know that it is being charged. There are other communication systems which may vary from brand to brand.
One good thing about robot cleaners is that they charge themselves. When the light on the robot goes red, this is when the battery is low. The robot will then automatically return to its charging dock and recharge itself. The automation takes the burden off users in looking out for battery percentage. We all have experienced at least once in our life when we’re ready to vacuum the house, then find out that the vacuum does not have enough charge. 
What features do they have? 
Normally, robot cleaners come with cleaning brushes (the number and the type of the brushes vary with the brand), HEPA filters that upgrade the air quality, and the charging dock. Some brands offer a cleaning package that includes a soft towel and detergent liquid that lets you sanitize the vacuum every now and then, making sure that no dirt is clogged in the system. Shark even designs a mobile app that lets you monitor your robot vacuum from afar. 

And that sums up our Q&A regarding the Shark RV750! If you have further questions, be sure to raise them in the comments section below.

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