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What You Need to Know About Light Pole Making Machine


It's by far the most economical configuration for light rod making machine, with high efficiency and reliable quality. We can help users make light rods (octagonal,conical,polygon) from raw materials to light rods in 1 workshop by himself.

It includes a list of equipments:cut to length line, trapezoidal shearing machine, sheet metal cnc tandem press brake, lighting pole welding machine, lighting pole washing machine, light rod bending system, light pole powder coating system, ETC..




1. Street ight poles, also known as lamp pole, includes all kinds of poles:conical,polygon,hexagonal,octagonal shapes;
2. High mast poles of conical, hexagonal and octagonal type;
3. Steel flag poles;
4. CCTV camera poles monitor traffic sign poles: types of round conical and octagonal tapered.




1. Light pole making machines are tewei homemade out of quality management.
2. High production, roughly 200-300PCS of light rods per day.
3. Engineer oversea service available with guide installation and training.
4. Pre-sale service available with factory layout guide.
5. All light rod machines have been equipment with famous brand machine parts,siemens motor,schneider electric components,delem cnc system,ETC,simple to maintenance abroad.
6. Quick delivery (10-60days)and rapid response in 12hours.


Street Light Pole Manufacturing Progress:


1. Coil feeding
2. Coil processing (cut to length line)
3. Steel plates diagonally shear into trapezoidal kind (steel plate trapezoidal shearing machine)
4. Bending materials transfer
5. Plates bending on press brake (cnc tandem press brake )
6. Transfer poles with seam to underwater arc welding( mild pole welding machine )
7. Straighten steel sticks ( steel pipe straighten machine )
8. Welding flanges and doorway lighting ( flange welding and door cutting in a single machine )
9. Bending poles until forming (light pole bending machine)
10. Transfer galvanized
11. Spraying (according to this request)(light pole powder coat system )
12. Install the lights
13. Delivery and installation


Tewei machine is professional manufacturer of light pole making machines. The record of machines have been cut to length line, trapezoidal shearing machine, tandem press brake, lighting pole welding machine, light pole straighten machine, light rod bending machine, light pole powder coating machine. Advancement flow reveals in picture.


For more info about Light pole production line, Visit here:

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