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All You Need to Learn About the Corpse Bag

The essential product of an ambulance vehicle is the corpse bag. It can be used in an emergency by first aid groups or other health care organizations. It is equipped with a zipper. The body bag is made out of a unique fabric with a sturdy zipper. It can be used as a double-sided body bag, which is convenient for ambulance personnel. It can also be used as an "U" zipper. This allows the medical staff to perform the funeral placement more efficiently and comfortably.


The handles enable health personnel to comfortably and comfortably transport the body. Adult-size bags can have a handle that extends to eight. A belt can be attached to the bag's lower section. By attaching the body bag to an ambulance stretcher, you can transport it using stretcher belts.


It takes up minimal space in an ambulance. The location of the body bag inside the ambulance may dictate the availability of a carrying bag. The body bag can be folded quickly, because it is strong and flexible. For the edges, non-woven fabric is used. This fabric prevents liquid, dust and odor from entering the bag when being transported with ambulance vehicles or funeral transport vehicles. Through a transparent identification panel, the body's identity information is visible. Adult size measures 80x220cm while children measure 70x140cm. You can also make funeral bags from PVC, depending on your needs.


You can make your own corpse bags. If it has been contaminated by blood, liquids or any other substances, you can clean the body bag using alcohol-based cleaners or detergent.


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