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016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop Presents A Brand-new Website

Creation date: Dec 20, 2021 1:17pm     Last modified date: Dec 20, 2021 1:17pm   Last visit date: May 18, 2024 2:36pm
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Dec 20, 2021  ( 1 post )  
Ilija Stevanovic (oringoollc)

016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop has a new official website

Chicago, IL (December 2021) - Serbian food in Chicago can be tasted in 016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop. This Serbian restaurant in Chicago is a distinctive place for all food-lovers ready to enjoy food of the best quality. The dishes and beverages prepared in 016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop are prepared as a combination of organic and domestic Serbian ingredients and special traditional food cooking procedures. 016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop is there to present Serbian food in Chicago in the best light to all present and future guests. Recently, a brand-new official website is presented by this restaurant. It will give a better insight into the 016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop offer.

016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop offers to all its customers and food-lovers the chance to taste ‘Cevapcici’. This gastronomic specialty, in the form of grilled beef sausage comes from the city of Leskovac in Serbia. The taste of Cevapcici in Chicago is first-class and they can be part of lunch or other meals.

016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop prepares special savory pastries called Burek in Chicago. Burek is a Serbian dish of a specific taste that immediately becomes a favorite to everyone who tastes it. Burek in Chicago is ideal for not only breakfast but also for all daily meals.

All food lovers can taste Serbian Sarma in Chicago in 016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop. This specially prepared dish is made of unique ingredients, such as minced meat and cabbage, or organic Serbian paprika. Serbian Sarma served in 016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop is unique because of its way of preparation, as well.

016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop in Chicago is a place that has national Serbian brandy ‘Rakia’ on its menu. All guests of this gastronomic place can taste the special Rakia in Chicago and enjoy its taste. The flavor of this beverage is unique since there are many kinds of Rakia all made of organic fruit. 016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop offers extraordinary Serbian national Rakia in Chicago to guests of all nationalities.

 016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop is an A1 class Serbian-American restaurant named after the area code of Leskovac, a city in Southern Serbia that is world-famous for the largest grilled meat festival. In 016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop Serbian rich food culture is combined with the family tradition to express the core gastronomic values to both Serbian and American communities of Chicago. The food in this top-quality restaurant is prepared as a mix of traditional methods and local Midwest ingredients while the special items that are used in the food preparation process are charcoal grilled and smoked meat, ‘Cevapi’ or ‘cevapcici’ (grilled beef sausage), and special savory pastries (‘Burek’). 016 Restaurant & Sandwich shop offers exceptional beverages, such as Serbian imported beers, national brandies (‘Rakia’), and wines. Outstanding experience and one-of-a-kind food flavor make every guest enjoys the cuisine presented by 016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop that is located on Lincoln Avenue, just north of Lincoln Square plaza.

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Contact info:

Company: 016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop

Address: 5077 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60625

Phone: +1 (773) 271 7006



Contact Person: Bojan Milicevic