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DC Budget

Creation date: Feb 23, 2022 2:12pm     Last modified date: Feb 23, 2022 2:12pm   Last visit date: Jul 12, 2024 9:54pm
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Feb 23, 2022  ( 1 post )  
DC Juneteenth NJOF (nationaljuneteenth)
Line Items: Quantity Cost
Advertising Print/ Radio / TV     
Advertising Flyers    
Advertising Printing    
Advertising Signage    
Volunteer T-shirts    
Volunteer Certificates    
Peace training    
Review stands    
Horses @ $250/M Theard verbal     
Porta potties    
Water/ Refreshments    
Speaker Honorariums    
Emergency med    
Clean up/maintenance    
Library donation for access    
Traffic Control: Street Horses     
Traffic Control: Police / Minimal Hours?     
Traffic Control: Permit to close street    
Vendor health certificates    
Vendor Tables    
Vendor Signage    
Vendor Canopy    
From Angie:  Street sense media .org is going to geo a Juneteenth  edition of their weekly newspaper. They would like to interview the people involved with Juneteenth, as well.I am a vendor writer artist contributor to the paper.  Special event and orientation for vendors to be present at activities snd the parade were discussed.  Will Schlick is the Editor in chief and Kaela Roeder  is the Deputy Director.  The paper is located at 2317 G Street,NW.  Phone:202-347-2006    
Re: The DC peace Team. This is a review of what I wrote, with less detail.  1. I spoke with Eli McCarthy of DCPT. They are really excited about participating especially given the trend of opposition protesters.  2.DCPT has provided services to candidates, organizations and individuals, here in the US and abroad.The concept and plan:  1. We recruit volunteers to augment existing DCPT volunteers.  2.DCPT provides 4 hour training  to certify participants.  3. The training is live snd accessibility by zoom allowing for any person not in DC to take the training.  4. This is a skill set that can be used in life, as well as to participate in events.  5. Participants receive training, a vest and an official historic certificate. This is an opportunity to serve and be a part of history. In addition, they can participate again next year and if they wish connect snd volunteer in their communities. Some times there are opportunities for pay.  The cost of four(4) hours training is $550 for each training session.  There should probably be two to to three trainings ( $ 1, 650.00).  The vests or tee shirts would be less than $20.00 each ( Ms. Avery suggested tee shirts ). Total costs to be estimated, based on number of volunteers.  The goal is to find an underwriter to cover costs.  I would suggest a zoom meeting with Eli McCarthy and or designated person.  Let me know if you wish to take the next steps