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How to buy cheap FIFA coins?

One of the most valued assets in FIFA 22 is coins. They can be earned via multiple actions. Participating in matches, SBCs, FUT mode, and more. But since achieving them is a real challenge, transferring coins from unreliable third parties is forbidden.
There are some rules that if be broken by you, you'll face restriction, coin removal, and the worst of all, get banned by EA. These are not reversible so you need to be careful which website you trust when it comes to purchasing FUT coins. you should fully understand EA's guidelines to avoid unconventional transactions.
Luckily, at WhatsGaming, with several years of experience with FIFA Coins, we can take care of the job for you. It's really important to find a great FIFA coin-selling website that complies with EA's latest standards and never puts your account in the ban zone.

Creation date: Mar 14, 2022 7:07am     Last modified date: Mar 14, 2022 7:10am   Last visit date: May 29, 2024 3:58am