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Consultant Day in Frankfurt: How to create the perfect interface for your SAP

Creation date: Mar 23, 2022 5:15am     Last modified date: Mar 23, 2022 5:15am   Last visit date: May 21, 2024 8:43pm
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Mar 23, 2022  ( 1 post )  
Queen Mastropietro (weent19)

Ingo Biermann - Consultant Day SAP User Experience

Your employees are spoiled. From their private lives, they are familiar with intuitive and chic user interfaces, and they wonder - and rightly so - why this is not also possible in their everyday working lives.


SAP is responding to this development with its "SAP User Experience Strategy". You are probably already familiar with some of the buzzwords from this: Fiori, SAPUI5 for HTML5, SAP Screen Personas or Floorplan Manager.

Conclusion: There are ways and means to make SAP user-friendly as well - and thus to significantly increase user acceptance.


Would you like to find out more about the various options? Would you like to find out what the right next steps are for you?


Then I cordially invite you to a free consulting session

I am the department head for Custom Solutions at mindsquare. On this day, I will be available for an individual consulting session from 9 am to 6 pm. I will be happy to discuss the current topics on SAP User Experience with you and show possible solutions - for example to these questions:


  • What does the SAP UX strategy mean for you as an SAP customer?
  • What is SAPUI5, SAP Screen Personas and the Floorplan Manager? We have prepared three showcases for you.
  • What know-how will your SAP developers need in the future?
  • Which technology should you use today and which not?
  • How can I get started with it in a meaningful way?
  • NWBC Kickstarter
  • With the NWBC Kickstarter you get an overview of the functions and possibilities the NWBC offers you when working with SAP. In addition, we install the NWBC for you and make settings so that you can access transactions and web applications. These settings also include a role concept for your employees.

Many interface technologies and different clients

Today, new applications are often implemented as web applications. This also applies to ERP systems. In its interface design, SAP is also pursuing the goal of getting as many applications as possible into the browser. In addition to the SAP GUI, web-based applications with WebDynpro, SAP Screen Personas and Fiori are increasingly being used. SAP already recommends the SAP NetWeaver Business Client as the standard client for Windows.


However, this change also brings with it the challenge of sharing these technologies. Employees often need SAP system transactions as well as web applications to handle their business processes. Here, there is usually a lack of a single integrated and centrally managed solution, so workarounds such as custom bookmark lists, browser history, etc. are resorted to in the browser in conjunction with the SAP GUI.


Programming, Html, Css, Javascript, Php

Problems for employees and administrators

However, it is precisely this connection that often becomes a problem. For employees, it is cumbersome and not transparent to constantly switch between application windows. They must therefore be offered a way to use all technologies, if possible via an integrated access option. SSO support and role-based access are also important.
For administration, a central roll-out and central control of the integrated applications is important.

Our NWBC solution for you

The NetWeaver Business Client is the ideal solution for the described problem. The task of the NetWeaver Business Client is to connect transactions and web applications in one window, so that it is no longer obvious to the user where he is.

The NWBC Kickstarter includes the following services:


  • We jointly analyze their system and application landscape
  • We show you the advantages and possible problems of using NWBC
  • We prepare the target group specific role concept
  • We support the roll out of the NWBC
  • We show you the new possibilities you get with the use of the NWBC.
  • Your advantages
  • After the implementation of the NWBC Kickstarter, your employees can use the application directly to perform their daily work. Your team is also able to extend the role concept and thus integrate further transactions and web applications into the NWBC.


Integration into one access point makes work easier for the employee and increases productivity. In addition to the simpler work due to the elimination of the use of two interfaces, the NWBC is also characterized by a higher performance. The gap between thick clients (SAP GUI) and browsers is closed.