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Summer Recipes from Around the World

Creation date: Jul 18, 2022 2:02am     Last modified date: Jul 18, 2022 2:02am   Last visit date: Apr 16, 2024 7:53pm
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Jul 18, 2022  ( 1 post )  
Fifty Desk (fiftydesk)

Classic Red Beans N Rice

United States:


We have been reliant on this standard menu item after living in a region where Cajun cuisine is popular for 25 years. If you've never had red beans and rice, you'll love this recipe, I promise. Jack Turnage from New Iberia, Louisiana

Sour Cream Cucumbers



Our family has a tradition of serving this dish along with the other Hungarian dishes my mom learnt to prepare from the church ladies. When the cucumbers are gathered straight from the garden in the summer, it's extremely tasty. — Pamela Eaton from Monclova, Ohio


Kimchi Fried Rice


Skip the typical fried rice! Even though kimchi fried rice is simple, it has a powerful flavour. This is a fantastic way to use leftovers. This dish can be frozen for up to three months. To prevent the defrosted rice from becoming dry, add a bit extra soy sauce before cooking it. Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based Taste of Home Test Kitchen


Bohemian Kolaches

Czech Republic:


My mother-in-law gave me this recipe, which she got from her mother. In their family, it was a regular treat that was prepared almost weekly. For my own family now, I cook this dish on special occasions. Illinois resident Maxine Hron

Peppered Cilantro Rice

Puerto Rico:


The Puerto Rican cuisine is known for its vibrant confetti rice. It goes well with almost any entrée, but we really like it with grilled shrimp kabobs in the summer. — West Chester, Pennsylvania's Laura Lunardi




This Italian sauce is sweet and acidic and contains peppers, cauliflower, carrots, and other crisp-tender vegetables. On a relish platter, it goes great with pickles or olives. — Cooking at Taste of Home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Kansas City-Style Ribs

United States:


Our family's rib recipe has improved to almost perfection. In our small group, these country-style beauties are legendary. Kenosha, Wisconsin resident Linda Schend


Tandoori Chicken



Ordinary chicken is elevated to the status of a special occasion with a hand-mixed spice rub. Furthermore, since it needs time to marinate, you can engage in other activities while the spiciness of the yoghurt sauce does its job. In Oldsmar, Florida, Dena Leigh works at Amici's Catered Cuisine. Tandoori Chicken is very easy summer Recipe that takes less in cook.

Greek Sausage and Peppers


An enduring family favourite is this dish of Greek sausage and peppers. I frequently prepare this dish all year long; all you have to do is combine the ingredients in the slow cooker. Additionally, the residence has a wonderful aroma. Deborah Vair from Wake Forest, North Carolina