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Vikings' inseparable weapons

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The truth about the brutality of Viking warriors


Historically, Viking warriors instilled fear among people living in Scandinavia as well as mainland Europe between 793 and 1066. Later, Viking warriors from Norway and Denmark decided to settle in Iceland after a successful invasion. They made it a land of permanent habitation. To get these achievements, the Vikings are known to be extremely violent and cruel warriors. They are ready to kill enemies, including women and children along the way.

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However, this is not entirely correct. According to experts, only Viking pirates are objects of violent character. These Viking pirates caused many attacks against the coasts of England and Europe. With endless attacks, Viking pirates brutally slaughtered those who resisted to plunder the wealth of the locals. After causing looting, Viking pirates loaded treasures, ivory and other riches onto the boat and escaped.

Meanwhile, many Vikings sailed to many countries around the world to trade since the 8th century. These Viking traders carry out trade and trade with at least 37 countries around the world from Afghanistan to Canada. Thanks to trade trips far from their homeland and adventure, the Vikings became rich. This shows that they are also hardworking, courageous and strong people like other peoples.

The Vikings are always remembered as one of the most feared warriors. All Vikings were itinerant warriors and made it a must to carry weapons – not only to wage war but to protect their families. So what are the important weapons for Viking warriors.

Vikings' inseparable weapons



The sword is the most prized weapon of the Vikings. However, the craftsmanship of the swords made them an expensive weapon and possibly the most valuable item the Vikings possessed. So only people with money can own the sword (which is almost impossible). Viking swords were often passed down from generation to generation or given to people of high status.

Viking swords usually have 2 blades, about 90cm long and about 4-6cm wide. When crafting a sword, the blacksmith must make sure the sword is both light and fast. To achieve this, a skilled blacksmith would use a technique like a form of welding, using mild iron and mild steel to create the sword.

A double-edged sword found in the tomb north of the fortress at Brika, Sweden

A hallmark of the Viking art of sword making are the legendary Ulfberht swords – swords that are both powerful, versatile and sharp.

The amazing quintessence of the Ulfberht sword baffles scientists. They claim that such excellent swords were only possible with the technology of the industrial revolution some 800 years later.

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The ax was a common tool used by the Vikings every day. The axes used by the Vikings to cut wood were often simpler to build than those used for combat. The handle of the battle ax is longer, in order to make it easier for warriors to use, lighter and more balanced for high efficiency in combat.


The spear was the most common weapon of the Vikings. Spears are usually cheaper than other weapons because less iron is required to manufacture. However, they are also very versatile and effective when they can throw or stab enemies.

There are many types of spears, usually from 3 to 10 feet in length, spearheads are forged in many different shapes.

The image of the Vikings is often associated with swords or axes, but in actual combat they use spears more


Originally used for hunting, bows and arrows gradually became important in Viking battles. During the war, the Vikings used bows and arrows at long range, to take down the enemy's vanguard class.

Ash and elm woods with strong bending properties are said to help archers fight better. On average, a Nordic bow can shoot 200m.

Arrowheads are usually made of iron and come in many shapes and sizes, depending on their function - some are designed for hunting while others, like Trefoil and Bodkin arrowheads, can shoot. Pierce.