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DNB Construction LLC Has A New Blog About Industrial Roofing Types

Creation date: Aug 16, 2022 5:04pm     Last modified date: Aug 16, 2022 5:04pm   Last visit date: Apr 11, 2024 8:48am
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Sep 25, 2022  ( 1 post )  
Alan Luiz (alanluiz20201)

Take a break from grading and talk to students about their results without mentioning the scores
This idea was inspired by my colleague Christy Lowden's blog on how to motivate students to listen more to teachers' feedback and recommendations, and not think solely about grades. Christy suggested delaying final scores and instead talking to the student about their progress, progress, and topics that should be given more attention. And it is better not to rate the work at all, if possible.
Christy is an English teacher, so in her classes, children write a lot of essays, but for some of them she deliberately does not grade, but makes notes in the margins and gives advice on what could be improved in the work and how to do it. And when she sees that it doesn’t work out, she allows students to turn to for help so that children learn how to write essays correctly. All this is aimed at helping students to pump up the skill of writing - maybe someone will really become a famous author.
A colleague, a math teacher, and I tried Christie Lowden's strategy in our classes. We evaluated tests and independent ones “according to the classics”: each was assigned the usual scores and accompanied them with brief comments. We recorded the assessment in a separate list, and the students simply returned the work with our recommendations, without fives, fours, threes and twos. After we distributed to the students their notebooks with our notes, we asked them to think over the remarks and correct the inaccuracies.It turns out that we worked on the bugs, but before grading, and not after, as is usually the case. First of all, we needed to help the guys make corrections and discuss with them their work, and not the score received for it.
At first, this even annoyed the children, but over time, they began to pay more attention to their weaknesses and strengths. If suddenly they needed to find out their assessment, I talked separately with each person who wished on the appointed day and told him everything. Although we got rid of the constant discussion of grades in the classroom, the school still requires to record all the results and calculate points.

Sep 24, 2022  ( 1 post, 1 reply )  
John White (johnwhite1301)

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Jose Ward (joseward2022)

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Aug 16, 2022  ( 1 post, 1 reply Sep 14, 2022 )  
Ilija Stevanovic (oringoollc)

DNB Construction LLC published a blog about the kinds of industrial roofs

Rockville, MD (August 2022) – DNB Construction LLC is an A1 provider of all kinds of commercial and residential roofing services. Its work is widely recognized as timely, client-oriented, and reasonably priced. These days, DNB Construction LLC has published a novel blog on its official website about the most common types of industrial roofing systems. There are a lot of explanations about this roofing kind, so all potential clients are invited to read this DNB Construction LLC’s professional blog.

DNB Construction LLC offers rain gutter installation services in Rockville MD. Since gutters are a vital part of the water run-off management system, rain gutters have to be installed and maintained regularly to prevent potentially severe roof water damage. DNB Construction LLC offers a wide variety of rain gutter colors and many styles to increase the home appeal, and gutter material has a direct impact on the price. That is why vinyl gutters are the cheapest, while steel gutters tend to be the most expensive ones.

DNB Construction LLC suggests that seamless gutters in Rockville are more reliable and stronger than sectional gutters. Seamless gutters are made up of only one continuous piece of gutter, usually aluminum or copper, so the chances of possible leaks are minimal. Knowing that with seamless gutters in Rockville MD there are zero joints, DNB Construction LLC claims that there will be no rot, water damage, or mold. What is more, aluminum seamless gutters are available in a number of colors to match the roof color or home’s exterior.

DNB Construction LLC offers GAF roofing services. Clients usually choose GAF roofing because it offers three kinds of asphalt shingles, i.e timberline shingles, designer shingles, and 3-tab shingles, which are traditional. DNB Construction LLC works with GAF roofing systems since GAF shingles are cheaper than other materials and durable while offering the top-level of protection.

House siding repair in Rockville MD is one of the professional roofing services offered by DNB Construction LLC.  The first thing in this procedure is to identify the siding material, since vinyl and plastic are the most frequent types of siding that are both cheap and easy to maintain. However, these sidings are not as durable as wood siding that has to be professionally treated every couple of years. If wood is used for siding it is vulnerable to the impact of the environment and insects. Also, when house siding is made of metal, aluminum, or steel, it has to be inspected frequently since these sidings can easily dent or rust. That is why house siding repair in Rockville MD has a lot in common with the siding material.

DNB Construction LLC is a reliable roofing company from Rockville MD that has been in the business since 2009. This trustworthy roofing contractor is there to offer cost-efficient, timely, and well-coordinated roofing services that cover all roof elements. DNB Construction LLC deals with both commercial and residential roofs using up-to-date roofing materials and novel roofing techniques.

For more information, please visit site:


Contact info:

Company: DNB Construction, LLC

Phone: 301-362-7663

Address: 5710 Wicomico Ave. Rockville MD 20852



Contact Person: Nikola Djurdjevac


DNB Construction LLC



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