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A Brief History of Norse Mythology Part IX

Creation date: Sep 23, 2022 11:56pm     Last modified date: Sep 23, 2022 11:56pm   Last visit date: Jun 9, 2024 2:29pm
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Frey confided in Skirnir

Hearing this, the god Niord asked:

"And here comes the day of Ragnarok, the twilight of the gods, when the giants come to fight the gods one last time, where will you arm yourself?"

Frey thought that day was still far away, so he replied,

"I can't live without Gerda!"

Frey confided in Skirnir, a reckless and heartless temperament, that Frey wanted to see Gerda very much, because of my duty to govern the forests that could not be ignored.

Skirnir listened, his blue eyes widened, his mouth wide open, and he said that he could help Frey deliver letters or deliver words to Gerda, but on the condition that Frey reward the treasured sword. Frey hesitated at first, remembering his father's reminder that when the day the gods had to fight to the death one last time with the giants, I had no weapons. But then thinking that that day was far away, Frey agreed to give the precious sword to Skirnir. Frey also asked Skirnir to bring some precious honeysuckle to give to Gerda as a gift.


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Skirnir jumped on my precious celestial horse, flew like a rainbow Bifrost over Midgard, the human world, across the river that separates this world from the giant world Jotunheim, through the iron forest, swinging a sharp sword caused the fierce wolves (who are responsible for guarding the giant world) to drift to the sides, cross the wall of fire, finally I came to the valley where the giant Gymer, the father of the beauty Gerda, was located. . Skirnir put his horse on his butt on the back of the pounding door.


Gymer was drinking heavily with his friends at the time; Gerda, who was weaving with the maids, tilted her ear to listen, and then asked:

"I don't understand who knocks on my door like that"

A servant girl ran out to look and said,

"Yes, it is a soldier riding a very strong horse."

Gerda said,

"Even if that person is our enemy, just open the door and pour in a cup of the Gymer's molasses."

The door opened and Skirnir was invited in. The god immediately threw the precious honeysuckle in front of Gerda and said:

"O wonderful beautiful Gerda, this is Frey's betrothal for me to send you."

Gerda said,

"Bring out this gold and silver and show it to my servants. Gold and silver can never buy my love."

Skirnir drew out his precious sword and said with a pig's hooves:

"Give your love to Frey, the god who gave me this precious sword, or you will die from it."


erda laughed and told Skirnir that it's okay to scare ordinary people with a sword, how can you scare a giant's daughter!

Skirnir then caused the sword to dance in front of Gerda, and at the same time loudly recited the curse:

I curse you

Like a green leaf

Meets a cold wind

Leaves have to leave branches

Hearing the cruel curse with the gleam of a magic sword with a ghastly hiss overhead, Gerda hastily knelt on the ground begging her to forgive her. Skirnir continued reading:

I curse you

All my life

God, everyone hates

No one wants to marry

Gerda wept bitterly and begged Skirnir to stop chanting and sheath her sword, and she obeyed. Skirnir asked when and where Frey could see her. Gerda says they will meet in the Barri forest in nine days.

Satisfied Skirnir, sheathed his sword, drank a glass of molasses, and jumped on his horse and galloped back to Asgard.

Frey waited anxiously, seeing Skirnir immediately inquired about the results of the trip and was informed by Skirnir that in nine days they would meet in the Barri forest.

Skirnir grinned and widened his blue eyes in sheer delight that such a precious sword belonged entirely to Skirnir.

Meanwhile Frey turned away with a sigh and said to himself:

The day is long and long It's

so long

Wait nine more days

Who will come back

But then nine days passed. And Frey and Gerda and him agreed to meet in the Barri Forest. Frey saw Gerda as beautiful as the fish diving, just like the day I saw her from the high tower where Odin dwells. Gerda saw Frey's beauty and majesty, and secretly rejoiced. The couple exchanged engagement rings, then Gerda followed her husband to heaven.



The story of Frey and the giant girl Gerda is the most allegorical of all Norse myths. Frey is the god of spring, rain and sunshine. Frey fell in love with Gerda, just as in the spring the plants began to sprout. But when spring comes, we have to wait for the warm southerly wind - Skirnir - to blow to help, so that the plants have a chance to flourish.

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