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The Spiritual Rule "Can't Joke" Of Tattoos: Do Not Tattoo Buddha Underneath, Quan Cong Tattoo Do

Creation date: Sep 29, 2022 9:42am     Last modified date: Sep 29, 2022 9:42am   Last visit date: Jul 12, 2024 3:33am
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Sep 29, 2022  ( 1 post, 1 reply Feb 27, 2024 )  
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In the past, the stigmatized concept that only social people got tattoos, however, gradually modernized society, people also adapted themselves. But it is not for that reason that you can arbitrarily put on any tattoos, because they can bring bad omens if you are not careful.

With a small tattoo, it may not be a problem, but if you tattoo a lot with a large scale, your luck will be affected. Recently, on the Chinese social network Weibo, there has been a discussion about what is the right tattoo and true spiritual stories about tattooing.

Tattoos show the personality of the tattooer.

Accordingly, these users mostly agree with the opinion that they should not tattoo spiritual tattoos such as Quan Cong, Dragon, Phuong, Buddha ... Because these images are not for everyone to tattoo, if violated. there will be a lot of bad luck. Among them are typical comments such as:

"first. This is a story about a friend of my father's childhood, I overheard him and his friends whispering to each other after a full meal. When I was young, my father and a group of friends went to tattoo together, that friend of my father tattooed Quan Cong on his back. I heard that he was very tall and strong, my father and friends all called him Tuong because he was as big as an elephant.



After the tattoo was complete, the group went to eat barbecue together, in the middle of eating, the next table had a dispute, some people even pulled out a knife. As a result, the wrong swing hit Tuong's back, leaving a long scar on his back.

They later said, if destiny is not hard, don't tattoo Guan Gong, if you still want to tattoo, you must tattoo Guan Gong with eyes closed.


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Kha Banh also has a tattoo of Quan Cong on his body.

  1. I'm a superstitious person, before I got tattooed I also researched this issue, here's what I know:

If you have a Buddha tattoo, you can only tattoo it above but not below, otherwise you will encounter bad luck, in addition, tattooing the Buddha below also shows disrespect to him.

- Tattoos of Buddha or dragon are definitely not allowed to tattoo eyes.

– If it is not necessary, definitely do not tattoo Quan Cong, if the destiny is not hard enough, you will not be able to carry it.

– If I get a dragon tattoo, I think I can only tattoo 3 legs or 5 legs? I don't remember very well, in general, the more legs, the easier it is to "go back to grandparents". It is said that some people did not believe so they tattooed a lot of legs, the results were real

Buddha tattoos should not be tattooed underneath.

In short: Dragon tattoo does not tattoo over shoulder, tiger tattoo does not tattoo tiger down the mountain. Guan Yin closed his eyes not to save the world, Quan Cong opened his eyes to kill people. Tattoos without tattoos of bloodthirsty wolves, single wolf tasting the blood of the family will surely die.



Tattoo without tattooing Tripitaka Road, 9981 tribulations that are difficult to pass. No matter what tattoo it is, don't tattoo with your eyes open. This is probably the mistake most people who have had a tattoo accident make.”

In addition, there are also people who tell about their snake tattoo growing over time, knowing how to talk and protect the owner, sometimes this person even sees it moving on his body.

Spiritual tattoos not everyone can tattoo.

“My tattoo is very small, it can play, it can also talk to me. 2 years after getting it tattooed, I feel like I'm growing it, because it was really small at first. Half an hour before something unexpected happens to negatively affect me, it will remind me.

At first, it was really quite painful, later it gradually changed color during the day, gradually I also read the hint in it. If that day is peaceful and quiet, the color of the snake will also fade, and when its color becomes darker, I will prepare myself for some misfortune.

It treats me pretty well too, just finished the mile last year. Except that normally he doesn't like me to talk about him, he is normally very obedient, and likes to crawl around on my shoulder. Once, I also had an intimate boyfriend, and he even wanted to bite him. Fortunately, it is quite good, still listening to me. It is not allowed to bite indiscriminately," this person said.


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Below, many Vietnamese fans also commented enthusiastically, some people said that tattooing is a hobby and has no spiritual meaning. However, there are also people who disagree and give specific examples from their point of view.

Many people believe those “sayings”.

“Yes, I am a spiritual person, taking refuge in the Buddha and Dharma also helped me to revive the period when no one was around, so I tattooed the word Om with Buddhist symbols.

When our mind fluctuates between good and evil, that image of us will pop up as a kind of reminder. Tattoos are like an oath and will follow you for life, so everyone before getting a tattoo should consider carefully to choose a tattoo, "user named Hong Anh wrote.

Or: "Tattooing a dragon without eyes or escape, an eyeless dragon is for carving in the emperor's tomb, open or closed should not be tattooed"... And you, what does the tattoo on your body mean and related to the sentence? any spiritual thing?

Thomas Ivey (thomasivey)

Thank you for your informative post. I'm cautious about tattoos in general. Each tattoo carries a certain meaning, which very often determines your future destiny. You can read more about it in the blog where many useful articles are collected. And everything about superstitions I found here.