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Valkyries is the collective name of virgin warriors, immortal maidens and endowed with terrible power by Odin. The Valkyrie are tasked with observing the battlefield and they have the power to decide who will die on the battlefield. When there was a battle, the Valkyries - armed with helmets and weapons, rode on a winged horse, hovered over the battlefield like kites in search of prey and choosing who they wanted to die. Half of the souls of the dead warriors will go to the Folkvangr field of the goddess Freyar. The other half, the Valkyries will bring them back to Valhalla to join Odin's army for the battle of Ragnarok.


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The god Odin allows the Valkyries to roam down to earth (Midgard) in the form of a white swan. However, if a Valkyrie is seen by a mortal who is not in the form of a swan, she will lose all her powers and never be able to return to Valhalla.



Valkyrie has an extremely aristocratic appearance. They have lily-white skin and sculptural features. Valkyrie's hair can be as golden as the sun or as black as night. In peacetime, they wore elegant costumes made from swan or crow feathers. But as war approaches, the Valkyries don their own armor: beautifully carved warrior hats, a shield and armor. They can still wear feathered costumes (according to some other stories) to spread their wings and fly in battle.


Today, the Valkyries are seen as wise and just leaders - but in the Norse times, their personalities still had complicated parts. As a matter of fact, Valkyrie is very intelligent and loves to be brave. These characteristics have greatly helped the Valkyrie in choosing brave warriors to fight with Odin.

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But, Valkyrie also has weaknesses like humans. On the battlefield, they still show favoritism, protecting those they love and defeating those they hate. This can lead to resentment, jealousy or revenge. However, there are still some Valkyries who love to slaughter humans, inciting them to make war when they are bored.


Valkyrie's exact strength is difficult to discern. Most Valkyries are ordinary people, princesses of royalty or daughters of generals. However, they get to work with Odin, the ruler of the gods, so they certainly have some superhuman abilities.


First and foremost, the Valkyries have the ability to influence the fate of warriors and battles (with Odin's consent, of course). In some stories, they are depicted as performing their duties in a place where magical looms – where they decide the fate of each warrior on a tapestry – will weave the fate of each warrior. of the entire battle. Other stories depict them riding through the clouds above the battlefield. During the battle, they can swoop down to protect a warrior from death. Or descend to collect the bodies of fallen warriors and bring them to Valhalla - Odin's hall - to prepare for the apocalyptic war of Ragnarok.


Although there have been many stories that the Valkyrie have superhero-like powers, they cannot fight alongside humans in battle. Valkyrie are only allowed to use magic to interfere in battle. They also have (probably) prophetic abilities, as they often appear on the battlefield a few days before war and warn humans about it.


Finally, the Valkyrie is famous for its brewing and offering to the gods. The wine brewed by Valkyrie is not only delicious, but also has miracles that make warriors stronger, improve memory and heal wounds.


Classical Model


Valkyries can be found in the oldest records of Norse culture, including the Prose Edda and Poetic Edda from the 13th century. Paintings of the Valkyries, with carpets of fruit and horns filled with mead, can also be found on runes from the 19th century onwards.


Modern model


Valkyrie is very popular in modern novels. They appear in a wide variety of genres, from musicals to Marvel comics and Looney Toons. Valkyrie retains its military role with thousands of warships, planes and even bombs, all named after them.