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Creation date: Oct 19, 2022 8:41am     Last modified date: Oct 19, 2022 8:41am   Last visit date: Jun 9, 2024 2:38pm
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Oct 19, 2022  ( 1 post )  
Tatkuink Clothing (tatkuink)

The gods in the Asgardian heaven were still greatly annoyed by Loki's undisciplined joking attitude and sinister cunning. But it was thanks to Loki's mistake that Thor got the hammer that made him the second most powerful god in the heavens, after Odin.


The story is as follows:


Thor has a beautiful wife Skull 3D  named Sif. Her hair was long and golden in the sunlight. One day, when she fell asleep under Iduna's apple tree, Loki playfully cut off her beautiful hair. Sif woke up to find his hair was cut off and went to find Thor crying.

Thor bellowed: "That's the behavior of that sleazy Loki. I'll slowly break that bastard's bones!"

When the angry Thor caught him, Loki begged: "Please don't punish me too harshly because I assure you that I can work with real gold hair, very thin, very fine, very beautiful hair. , and also grow as long as real hair."

Thor asked, "How did you get that hair?"

Loki replied: "Brother, I will go to the same region as the Elves of the Night, and ask them to make blonde hair just like Sif's. They are all superb miracle workers."

Hearing that, Thor agreed to let Loki go, but didn't forget to shake Loki one last time and shout: "If you don't bring back the long, smooth blonde hair like Sif's, I'll slowly break your bones, listen!" 


Loki quickly left the heavens, went far away and went down the alley into the heart of the mountain where the Elves of the Night lived. Hearing Loki's offer, they immediately accepted. Not only did they make the blonde hair for Loki to bring back to Sif, they also made the Gungnir spear (hereinafter a weapon of Thor) and the skidblanir.


Loki was overjoyed


On the way back, he met another black dwarf named Brock. When he was happy, Loki challenged Brock: "Hey Brock, I currently have three precious gifts like this. I dare to trade my head with you, if Sindri, your brother, can also make three gifts. such a precious thing.


Brock, who knew his brother Sindri's superb ingenuity, replied, "I accept that bet! Please follow me to Sindri's smithy and see what my brother can do."

Arriving at the smithy, Brock recounts the challenge to him, and Sindri blows the fuselage to start the fire. When the fire was really hot, Sindri dropped a pig skin on top of it and handed it to Brock and told him to keep blowing the flame to keep the flame even until he came back. Then Sindri came out of the cave (probably to cast a spell).

As soon as Sindri left, Loki turned into a huge fly, landed on Brock's hand and burned it very hard. Brock gritted his teeth and endured, the bell still blowing, the fire still burning. When Sindri returned, the pig skin in the oven had turned into a wild boar with golden hair and mane.


Sindri poured the gold into the furnace, told her to keep blowing the bells and left. This time Loki still transforms into a large fly that lands on Brock's nape and stings twice with great force. But just like last time, Brock endured and kept the blower even. When Sindri returned, he took out of the furnace a golden ring and named it Drauphir.

To prepare for the third gift, Sindri this time poured steel into the furnace, still told her to continue blowing the bell, and then went out. This time, the evil Loki "fly" landed between Brock's eyes and burned so hard that blood flowed. Brock gritted his teeth and endured, until the flow of blood blinded his eyes. Brock just had to stop blowing one hand to keep the flies away. So the fire in the furnace goes out immediately. Just then Sindri came back and looked at it for a few seconds and then said that the treasure in the furnace was fine, just barely damaged. Turns out it was a hammer. Sindri gave three things to Brock and told him to bring them to heaven and give them to the gods to see if those three gifts were more valuable than Loki's three.


Brock and Loki go to Asgard


The gods heard the news grim reaper hoodie and gathered in large numbers at the main hall of Gledsheim. The gods all agreed to cede decision-making power to Odin, Thor, and Frey.

Loki presents three gifts first. As soon as the blonde hair was placed on Sif's head, it immediately grew long and shiny, beautiful, beautiful. The spear Gungnir gave Thor, never misses its target when launched. The ship Skidbladmir gave Frey to find a favorable wind in any direction. The ship is so big that when folded it can fit in a pocket.


It was Brock's turn to present the gift. Brock gives Odin the golden Draupnir bracelet. Every nine nights, eight other rings of the same size drop from the Draupnir ring. Brock gave Frey a golden mane boar. No precious horse can glide through the air, gliding across the water as fast as this golden mane wild boar. In particular, the golden hair and mane of the wild boar always emits light, so even if it is driven in the thick of the night, the path can still be seen clearly. Brock gives Thor the Miollnir magic hammer that has the property of slamming down as hard as he wants once unleashed, and no matter how far away the target is, once hit, the hammer returns to its owner. The hammer can also become compact enough to fit in a pocket. In fact, the hammer has only one unsatisfactory thing (which Brock hides) is that the handle is a bit short, because when Brock was burned by the "Loki fly" bleeding, his right eye soon left a broken hand to chase the flies. It must be added that Thor also has a magic belt, and iron gloves; when tying