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Viking Age

Creation date: Oct 27, 2022 6:55am     Last modified date: Oct 27, 2022 6:55am   Last visit date: Jun 9, 2024 11:35pm
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Dec 15, 2022  ( 1 post )  
Lohas Mansa (maddenhoua)

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Oct 27, 2022  ( 1 post )  
Tatkuink Clothing (tatkuink)

Today, the Vikings are more famous than ever. With TV shows like “Vikings” or “The Last Kingdom: The Ancient Norsemen” has given the next generation many new perspectives. There is, of course, a lot of material embedded in the programmes, where archeology and history tatkuink com work together. But who are these Vikings? Are they adventurers, farmers, merchants, or savages? Well, they are all of the above because the Vikings are a very organized people, rich in cultural traditions, made up of faith, tradition, warrior contingent and economic ambition. But remember it's a diverse group of people living in a complex world. 




Beginning of the Viking Age, widely believed to have begun around 800 AD. Judith Jesch, professor of Viking studies at the University of Nottingham, explains: “Vikingrs were explorers, sometimes by land, sometimes by sea, and sometimes with other groups. Víkingr does not imply any ethnicity and it is a neutral term that can be used for one group or another. The activities of the vikingrs are not much different, maybe a raid to start a war, but not necessarily based on that.”




Viking names are often associated with a nickname, such as Sigurd the Philosopher or Thorfill the Skull Splitter. Sometimes personality or personal characteristics are included in the name, like Lover, Good, Short, Wise or Long. Many Vikings are also famous in myths or on TV shows – although in reality their lives are less romantic and somewhat more brutal.

Harald “Blatand (Bluetooth)” Gormsson (Harald Blue Teeth) served as King of Denmark and Norway in the 10th century. He was instrumental in unifying Denmark. Although most of his followers were pagans, Harald still managed to spread Christianity into his kingdom. According to many scholars, he was nicknamed "Blue Tooth" because he had a deep blue or dark tooth. Today, this nickname is given to a standard wireless connection technology. The creators argue that Harald Bluetooth's skill to bring people together to negotiate peacefully is appropriate for a modern telecommunications technology.




It is thought that the history of the Vikings is associated with debates about whether they were warriors or merchants. But this division has been ended, largely in scholarly debates. Much evidence of womens skull clothing economic trade. Hoarding, curation, boasting, and distribution of wealth were central to the Viking economy and society. The leaders are dressed in well-prepared costumes, with eye-catching jewelry and well-groomed bodies.




Archaeologists suggest that the climate changes of that time promoted agriculture, causing a dramatic increase in population, which prompted the Vikings to set out in search of lands. new. Those who remained remained the rulers at home, funding treasure hunts to try to enrich their wealth and maintain dominance and power. Today there is still controversy about the number of Viking women who participated in the conquests. The Vikings carried out raids and established colonies throughout Europe and eastward to Russia. In the mid-11th century, the Norse empire expanded into England, Iceland, Greenland, and Canada, and they also invaded ports in Italy and Spain as well as in Constantinople.