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The Vikings were the first to arrive in the Americas?

Creation date: Nov 2, 2022 6:27am     Last modified date: Nov 2, 2022 6:27am   Last visit date: Jul 13, 2024 11:14am
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Nov 2, 2022  ( 1 post )  
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Until now, it is thought that Christopher Columbus was the first European to discover the Americas. But the new discovery shows that the Vikings reached the Americas long before explorer Christopher Columbus.


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Columbus discovered the New World


this common sense must be all too familiar. From 1492 to 1502, with the support of the Spanish royal family, Columbus crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas four times, becoming the first navigator to discover the New World and this also made him become one of the greatest navigators in the world.


However, in fact, Columbus was not the first to "discover" the American continent.

The Vikings were the first to arrive in the Americas? 


According to research by historians

long before Columbus, people from the Old World "discovered" America through voyages. It is only for technical reasons that these trips have not been convincingly maintained and recorded.


And now history textbooks say that Columbus "discovered" the American continent. In effect, it meant that Columbus' voyage to the Americas had a different meaning from earlier European "exploration" voyages:

Columbus first crossed the Atlantic from temperate rather than cold waters, and used relatively sophisticated technology to ensure continued colonization, completely breaking the isolation between the New Age World and Old World in the Americas.


In continental Europe

there has long been a legend that a new continent lies on the other side of the boundless sea to the west of this continent. The first Europeans to discover the American continent were the Vikings, who arrived in North America 500 years before Columbus, according to research led by American archaeologist Sarah Parcak.


Viking is a general term for the Vikings of ancient Europe. Strictly speaking, the Vikings, like the Huns, a nomadic group in ancient China, were not a nation in the true sense of the word, but a fishing and hunting group in Northern Europe.


Similar to the nomads living on the harsh Mongolian plateau, the Vikings lived in Scandinavia with harsh natural conditions and frigid temperatures, which gave them strong physiques, brutal personalities, tough, and often commits looting.

However, unlike the Huns who plundered on horseback, the Vikings plundered on ships crossing the seas from mainland Europe.


As a fisherman and hunter with a talent for rowing, the boats they design are often very efficient: they are agile, capable of riding the waves, sailing across the ocean, agile. can be upstream and into rivers from the sea.


The weapons used by the Vikings

were also very powerful, they invented the giant Viking sword that could maximize their advantage in terms of height and physical strength. With just one sword, the Vikings could split a cow in half.


From the 8th to 11th centuries, they baseball jersey design attacked and occupied the Baltic coast, interior Russia, Great Britain, and even crossed the Strait of Gibraltar, occupied the Mediterranean coast, and made Europe encompass covered with blood red is the fire of battle.


During this bloody "storm", the Vikings made an unexpected discovery - Iceland.

Iceland has an area of ​​​​only 100,000 square kilometers, true to its name, Iceland is located near the Arctic Circle, the latitude can be comparable to Siberia, and one-eighth of the island is covered by glaciers.


Fortunately, the warm water of the North Atlantic Ocean passes through the island, so the island's climate is not too cold and winters remain at minus 2 degrees Celsius.

Despite the acceptable climate

Iceland was not an island suitable for human existence at that time. The main reason is that it has glacial terrain, and there are quite a few volcanoes on the island: there are more than 100 volcanoes on the whole island, while most of the mainland on the island cannot be cultivated.