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Facts you may not know about the "evil cult" Voodoo

Creation date: Nov 9, 2022 1:28am     Last modified date: Nov 9, 2022 1:28am   Last visit date: Jul 13, 2024 5:34pm
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Nov 9, 2022  ( 1 post )  
Tatkuink Clothing (tatkuink)

Voodoo religion is being misunderstood by people as a kind of pagan cult originating from Africa

Thanks to the "vivid" portrayal of Hollywood movies, Voodoo is a badly misunderstood religion. Most people believe that skull clothing Voodoo represents a type of dark magic that is closely related to sacrifices, spells, strange magic, and the use of dolls to harm others. However, that is only the surface of this religious belief, and the stories behind it are clear evidence that not everything that appears on television is believable.

Voodoo has three different branches

The religion itself is also divided into three branches, each showing its own characteristics. Voodoo in West Africa attracts around 30 million followers, popular in countries like Ghana and Benin. There is also the Louisiana Voodoo sect, which occurs mainly in Louisiana and the northeastern United States. Although it is of African origin, it has since been strongly influenced by Spanish, French and Creole settlers. Another branch is Voodoo Haitian, with the majority of followers being Haitian, in fact also heavily influenced by Christianity.

Strange resemblance to Christianity

At first glance, a religion with concepts of the soul, poison, ancestor worship, etc. seems to have little to do with Christianity. Yet they have a strong similarity, especially in the case of Louisiana and Haiti. Accordingly, many traditions, beliefs, and characters taken from Christianity have been introduced into this religion such as the god Aida Wedo reflecting the image of the mother Mary, Legba - the gatekeeper has many similarities with Saint Peter… As for West African Voodoo, they always believed that only one supreme god could rule them all - a trait very similar to Christianity.

Accepted by the Catholic Church

It seems that an "evil sect" like Voodoo will have many points of conflict with Catholicism, but it is contrary to what many people think. In fact, the great similarity between Voodoo and Christianity shows the closeness between the two religions. They even cooperate in many fields and there is no animosity between the two sides. There was a time when these two religions had conflicts, but now, priests from both sides are working together to bring peace and prosperity to Africa - the birthplace of Voodoo. Pope John Paul II spoke at tatkuink length about the good things, the holiness of the doctrine, the beliefs  of the Voodoo believers. He even attended a religious ceremony in 1993, which helped cement the harmony of these two seemingly opposing religions.

Dolls of the Internet

The image of dolls enchanted and used by shamans as a substitute for the internet is familiar to everyone, mostly through movies. Accordingly, the doll will be connected to the affected person by attaching to it their image or something attached to the client such as a lock of hair, a piece of skin... Through some spells of the sorcerer water, any impact on the doll will directly affect that person. But what we often see on television has caused a frightening misunderstanding here. In fact, the internet dolls are not served for bad purposes, but on the contrary. Followers of this religion often use them to pray, bless and send messages to the spirits who have entered the doll. Dolls of the world – not a bad thing by itself, but everyone believes that it can become a tool to perform some dark act.