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Nordic symbol tattoo, ancient amulet of power

Creation date: Mar 9, 2023 6:24am     Last modified date: Mar 9, 2023 6:24am   Last visit date: Jul 15, 2024 12:12pm
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Mar 9, 2023  ( 1 post )  
Tatkuink Clothing (tatkuink)

The Norse symbol tattoo is based on the talismans of an ancient and fascinating culture, of the Vikings, who relied on these symbols of power, used as amulets.


El aegishjalmur, guardian of warriors


Aegishjalmur, which can be translated as 'helmet of god Aegir', is a protective symbol of Icelandic origin. He once painted himself between the wearer's eyes right before a battle to become invincible and cheap skull clothing terrify his enemies. Its existence is mentioned in various Viking sagas. Interestingly, in pre-Christian times it was also represented as a tattoo, so it might be a great idea to wear it today.


Svefnthorn, Dormidina of last year

Svefnthorn is one of the most curious Nordic icons. It is a spell used to sleep better, with the assurance that during the night we will be safe. Remember that the day before a battle, Vikings would probably find it difficult to sleep due to their nerves, with amulets like this (which, by the way, have no definite shape, but are used to represent represents a kind of arrow) is habitually used to get up to rest and ready to fight.


Vegvisir, Icelandic compass

Finally, vegvisir is another symbol of the north, native to Iceland, that we will see. Although it cannot be considered Viking, as it is mentioned in only one source and we do not know if it is very popular among the population, it has a most interesting connotation. Vegvisir or 'guide', is a symbol that dragon clothing protects the wearer, keeping him from getting lost in any storm.


Nordic symbols are fun and can look great as a tattoo, right? Let us know, do you have any? Remember you can tell us what you want, just let us know in a comment!