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Tattooing - not just a trend?

Creation date: Mar 17, 2023 6:35am     Last modified date: Mar 17, 2023 6:35am   Last visit date: Jul 12, 2024 3:34am
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Mar 17, 2023  ( 1 post )  
Tatkuink Clothing (tatkuink)

Since many years, when it comes to tattoos, there will be two streams of opinions, some complimenting and criticizing, but mostly it's still complaints and detractors. Despite so many controversies, tattooing still has its own vitality, following the ups and downs of time... 

When the tattooist becomes… the artist 


Tattooing - not a new trend, in the world tattoo shirt tattoo is a long-standing art originating from the ancient tribes of many countries. In Vietnam, tattooing is the oldest custom that existed and thrived during the Tran Dynasty. At that time, tattooed people were all brave and fearless warriors. Over time, tattooing exists and develops amidst the negative gazes of society, this hobby also has its ups and downs. In the 80s, tattooing was considered "out of school", "gypsy", always stigmatized and disparaged by everyone. In recent years, tattooing has been really well received and has become a hot trend among young people. 


Currently, in Vietnam, tattoo art is developing more and more, it is not only for people with artistic style, personality, and people, but it is also accessible to everyone from old to young. , male or female as long as there is a love of freedom and creativity. The capital tattoo profession does not receive support and sympathy from the society, but Vietnamese tattooists are increasingly trying to learn and hone their skills to develop the community, proving that their work is recognized. as an art form as well as a professional profession for a living. 


Tattooing is like drawing pictures, but not on paper, but on human skin. Tattoo practitioners say it's not wrong to be an artist, they use their creativity to sketch out ideas, make layouts, and then tattoo on the body. Now it is not difficult to see young people with tattoos of all shapes and colors on their bodies, people with 1, 2 pictures, people from head to toe with full tattoos. If before, it was mainly men tattooed with images such as scorpions, dragons and phoenixes... now women also come to tattoo a lot with softer textures such as stars, butterfly wings, flower petals... Tattoos are often "" coordinates" in conspicuous places on the body such as wrists, arms, back, neck ... or more discreet places such as chest, nape, abdomen. In general, it can be tattooed anywhere on the body, and some people are even afraid to get a tattoo on their face or eyeballs. The types of tattoos today, in addition to classic blue and black ink tattoos, also include milk tattoos, reflective tattoos, 3D tattoos or color sprays.

Over time, tattooing is gradually getting rid of bad stereotypes, being recognized as an art form, and tattoo practitioners are considered artists...
 It's a memory, it's a pain, it's a growth... 


Undeniably, even now when society is more open to tattooing, it is impossible to deny all prejudices about it. There are still many people who consider tattooing to be spoiled, playful or call it a "foolish" hobby of young people. They say there is a right and a wrong because not all tattoos are to viking dress show that we are playful, extravagant, aggressive, but behind that there are meanings not everyone knows.

I have a friend who has never had a tattoo before, nor is he interested in tattooing, but after a while, when I met him again, I was quite surprised to see that he had a rather large tattoo on his chest with a picture. parents and the sentence "Going around the world, no one is better than mother / Life's burden is no one more miserable than father". Asked why I was suddenly so excited to get a tattoo, when I heard the answer, I was very surprised: "Not inspired, just wanted to use the tattoo to remind myself of my father's birth. mother, love, take care of them before it's too late." It turned out that his family had a problem, his mother suddenly fell ill even though he was very healthy before, he was a man of work who always spent most of his time on work and society, but rarely spent time. family time. It wasn't until his mother got sick that he realized that time spent with family and parents is the most important, so he got a tattoo on his left chest like always keeping his parents in his heart. The permanent tattoo on his body is both a reminder and a lesson that he will remember for the rest of his life.