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Tatkuink Clothing (tatkuink)

Are you thinking of getting a tattoo on any part of your body? If so, you know that choosing a drawing can be a bit complicated, as there are so many different body shapes out there. However, despite the multitude of drawings that we can choose from, there are some themes that are more popular than others: this is the case with Viking tattoos. 


The Vikings were one of the Nordic peoples that emerged in Scandinavia many centuries ago; Not only were they a fearsome population that looted cities, but they were also known for their beliefs, known today as Norse mythology. In this myth we find the symbol of viking love and the tattoo viking symbol of the Viking family that is still very relevant to this day and many ink lovers decide to embody it on their bodies. Some prominent Viking tattoos are Valkyries, Thor's hammer or Valknut. But do you know what the meaning of the viking tattoo is? If you want to find out, keep reading this article
Meaning of the Viking Rune Tattoo 

The Viking Rune is one of the most requested tattoos associated with Norse mythology. Also known as the runic or Futhark alphabet, it is the script of the Viking and Germanic peoples. It is used for both divination and magic. These symbols were considered a magical alphabet through which the gods communicated, which is why it was so important. Although there are many symbols in this type of writing, below we will explore the meaning of the main runes vikin tattoo:

Othila- It is a rune related to clan and its heritage and its main meaning is associated with prosperity, acquisition and lasting benefit. Somehow, it is believed that luck can come to this rune. 

Dagaz: This rune, also known as Daez or Dagr, has meanings deeply related to natural variation and cycles. There are many people tattooing it as a symbol of maturity and maturity.
Inguz: also known as Ing or Ingwaz. This rune is associated with fertility, new beginnings, and rebirth. It is usually a repeated tattoo in people who are starting a new life or a new project.
Laguz: also known as Lörg or Lagus, this rune has meanings associated with water, the source of fertility and ultimately the versatility of the elements and emotions.
Berkana: a very popular rune among women because of its symbolism associated with femininity, fertility and motherhood.
If you want to know more details about the names and meanings of the Viking Runes, don't miss this article. 


Viking Valkyries tattoo meaning 

If there's one tattoo that stands out in the Viking world, it's the Valkyrie, a symbol that in Old Norse means "chosen one who has fallen in battle." In Norse mythology, Valkyries are considered minor gods under the command of the goddess Freya. These demigods are responsible for selecting the most heroic warriors who have fallen in battle to accompany them to Valhalla, where they will serve the god Odin, who will prepare them for Rägnarok or the last great battle. end of time.

Since the Valkyries, respectively, are considered gods and warriors, the general meaning of the valkyries viking tattoo is often associated with power, struggle and strength, especially female. 


Vegvísir symbol and its meaning 

One of the best Viking tattoos for women and men is Vegsívir which means path (Veg) and guide (Vísir). Vegsívir is considered a very ancient symbol in Icelandic culture, as it first appeared in Huld's manuscript and in the magic book Galdrabok. This symbol, represented mainly by the compass, has been considered a protective talisman of any home, that is why it was once painted on the doors of many houses.

Currently, Vegsívir is one of the tattoo fashion clothing most used symbols of Viking tattoos, as it symbolizes going in the right direction and choosing the right path. That is to say, it is a drawing of strength that we draw when we feel lost and it can help us find our destiny. 


Meaning of the Viking Valknut tattoo 

If you are looking for a Viking armband tattoo, Valknut might be the most suitable symbol for you. Valknut, also known as the heart of the fallen or the heart of Hrungir, is a symbol made up of three interlocking triangles. describes a story from the vulgar edda where the thunder god Thor slayed the giant Hrumgir.

Valknut is also known as the Odin's button, because according to Viking beliefs, anyone who tattooed this symbol made a commitment to serve the supreme Norse god. In addition, it is a drawing that symbolizes power both to incite fear among opponents and to gain confidence and courage, which is why it is a very popular tattoo. between warriors and warriors.

Carolyn Turner (paulwatts856)

If you can choose a house of hazards tattoo on your body. I would choose arm, leg or shoulder tattoo.

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