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The rebellious gothic fashion style of young people

Creation date: Apr 4, 2023 7:56am     Last modified date: Apr 4, 2023 7:56am   Last visit date: Jun 9, 2024 3:33pm
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Tatkuink Clothing (tatkuink)

Gothic fashion style makes the wearer become full of ghosts and mysteries. However, it also has an unusually irresistible charm. So what is gothic style? Let  's find out the following information about this style with beautiful office fashion brand GUMAC !

What is gothic fashion style? 

Gothic fashion style is a style with a ghostly, mysterious look with the dominant black tone. This style is also considered by people to have melancholy emotions or nostalgic scenes. It is this tattoo clothing incredible beauty that attracts most people. 

Of all the fashions, the gothic style is the most unusual and individualistic. Since the 18th century, this fashion trend has appeared in European fashion. It is speculated that they are derived from characters in the legend of Dracula.

Gothic style is associated with the image of snow white skin, red lips. Along with that, the dark costumes and ghostly eyes create . Then, around the 19th and early 20th centuries, Gothic officially appeared in real life. That is during the reign of Queen Victoria.


Distinctive features of gothic style

Initially, Gothic was known for its classical design with earth tones. These Gothic structures are usually churches built in the Middle Ages. 

The essence of being in fashion is not with anti-social intentions. Now, Gothic is known for the beauty of the dark side of life. 

Gothic fashion style has a rebellious personality, which is appreciated by many in the world. Because the Gothic style gives people the feeling of a typical vampire. With dark makeup, sick white face and black lipstick. Gothic is the combination of this makeup with the ghost costumes. Such as black leather jacket, lace skirt,...


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Materials and accessories that make up gothic style

One of the elements that make Gothic unique is the materials and accessories. Below is a collection of accessories with the same materials commonly used in gothic style .

Lace and sheer material

Lace is often used to design gothic-style suits. The feature of this material has many patterns created from the gaps. Sheer fabric is quite thin fabric so it is very smooth and light to wear. However, sheer fabrics are see-through. So sometimes it will be offensive to wear clothes from this material. In addition, people who follow this style also incorporate stones, studs or artificial fur. This helps to make the outfits more luxurious and powerful.


The variety in fashion styles is thanks to the materials used to create the products. To increase the charm of the product, designers not only use lace, but they also prefer chiffon because of the characteristics of chiffon fabric  and its extremely useful applications.

Black jacket

Black jacket is also one of the indispensable items in an outfit of gothic style. You can mix and match different coat patterns. However, gothic fashionistas often choose jackets with embroidered lines that simulate ancient architecture. This helps to create a strong and personal impression on the viewer.


Turtleneck boots 

Turtleneck boots are a typical piece of Gothic style . They help the outfit become more prominent, more personal, more Gothic.

Accessories necklaces, earrings, bracelets

Fashion accessories in Gothic style are quite diverse but mostly have quite dark colors. Typical are Gothic bracelets, gloves or necklaces. More than just the usual accessories, they can be nailed or dark colored stone. This further enhances the personality of the wearer.

Makeup for European fashion style - gothic

Gothic style usually tends to be quite bold makeup. Specifically, lipstick with prominent colors such as red, black, ... The eyes are dark or smoky gray. Hair is often left loose and ruffled to create a ghostly and seductive look.

Objects who like the past and present gothic style
John Galliano or Alexander McQueen are familiar names in Gothic fashion. Surely the strong, personality of this style will not please everyone. However, Gothic is a special mark in the world fashion village. 

In the continuous development of the fashion industry, Gothic has also had significant changes. No longer so strong and rigid as before, this style has become softer but equally as personal as before. Therefore, Gothic style is increasingly accepted and favored by people, especially young people. Thanks to this style, young people also prove their strong personality.

 Super cool gothic style outfit ideas for men and women 
If you are interested in Gothic fashion style . Here are some styling suggestions for you: 

Women's gothic style outfit

T-shirts , oversize tank tops with high socks and boots. Although a t-shirt or tanktop is quite simple, it can be used to create a Gothic style . By creating accents with bold makeup and accessories such as bracelets or necklaces or leather boots, etc. 
Tight pants combined with skull bathing suit crop top. Crop tops showing off your waist combined with tight pants and accessories are also a great choice. 
Sweater combined with cow waistcoat. Today, Gothic fashion has been changed along with brighter colors. A sweater with a cowl gives a very personal but no less dynamic beauty.

Men's gothic style outfit

The following sets of clothes will be for men with Gothic style preferences:

Jeans combined with leather jacket. Leather jackets are a pretty typical piece of this style. You can combine leather jacket with jeans to show minimalism and personality. Most leather products are dark in color but all look very attractive. 
Combine ghost motifs with vest or suit. Men's suits are simple but embroidered with very ghostly motifs. This is the charm but no less luxurious of this outfit. With this shirt, you can still look attractive without the need to combine cumbersome accessories.