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Creation date: Apr 7, 2023 8:49pm     Last modified date: Apr 7, 2023 8:49pm   Last visit date: May 19, 2024 4:32pm
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Tatkuink Clothing (tatkuink)

In "I Am a Donkey", I recounted the story of Daya. Daya was almost burned alive. Her story is very long and tragic, but in short, she escaped death with a large scar on her shoulder blade. I said it's a scar anyway, so you should honor it, get a meaningful tattoo and turn it into an aesthetic mark. The very next afternoon, Daya showed her colorful shoulders and said, "Shiva - God of Destruction."Daya drifted to the Netherlands turbulently. Those who wanted to kill her were none other than her siblings. What they do in English is called honor killing, killing to preserve the family's reputation. Daya is not afraid of ghosts, not afraid of the dead, not afraid of death. Only when Shiva destroys, only Vishnu comes back to life. If you want to be able to live peacefully, you must first know how to tattoo skull viking face death peacefully.Advice to Daya, then I implement it with myself.


The flowers are tattooed on a hundred scars

At that time, my family had a sad story. I was in shock, I was going from a child who was sleeping like a dead person, suddenly losing sleep continuously. There are times when I don't sleep all night, the next day I still have to smile in the lecture hall, when students leave the class, I collapse from exhaustion. When I went to the doctor, the doctor discovered that my back had a lot of white spots. I kept watching with all my soul, seeing that it spread quickly. The doctor concluded that he had vitiligo - vitiligo. This is often the result of hormone fluctuations, especially during times of stress. I think of stories about people who had a hard time, overnight, but their hair turned white. During the winter break that year, I went to the forest to do a Vipassana retreat. During the 10 days of fasting, he did not open his mouth to utter a single word, did not have even a page of a book or a pen in his hand, meditated from 5 am to dark. Stepping out of the monastery, I felt like I was transformed, my spirit was warm, my heart was so forgiving that I silently forgave the person who had caused me and my family pain. I choose cherries with the meaning of new beginnings. The tattoo artist skillfully paints the white spots on the skin with pink cherry blossoms. After an afternoon, nearly a hundred small scars bloomed with flowers.


We used to love tattoos


There are few civilizations in the world that did not once honor the art of tattooing. Vietnam is no exception.By the 13th century, tattooing was very popular among Vietnamese people. They followed the king's instructions, tattooed dragons and snakes, so that when they went into the water to fish, the aquatic monsters thought they were allies without harming them. In the Ly - Tran dynasties onwards, tattoos were not only popular among the people but also a part of rituals with those in the royal family. It was only when King Tran Anh Tong (1293 - 1314) was afraid of needles that this custom was no longer a regulation.The ancient Vietnamese had a custom of tattooing me | Source: PinterestTattoos are not only an expression of religion, culture, and status, but also a tool to connect community strength.Under the Tran dynasty, the army of Thanh Duc protecting the king tattooed three words Thien Tu Quan on his forehead. People often tattoo on their stomach the words "Nghia Quy Quyen Khu" and "slander of Bao Quoc" to show the spirit of martial arts, for the sake of risking their lives. When the Mongols brought horse hooves to invade our country, the Tran army officers tattooed the two words "Sat That" on their arms to show their determination to fight the enemy. 


Are tattoos bad?

Vietnamese culture from the last few centuries has inherently an unfriendly view of tattoos because of the prejudice that it is for the Thao Khau ward. But actually, the tattoo itself is not evil. Whether it means good or bad is due to our specific social circumstances and our own preconceived views.The tattoo on the back of the head of the vice principal of Luong The Vinh School (Hanoi) caused a lot of controversy | Source: Van Thuy DuongA few days ago, a vice-principal read the opening remarks in front of the empty schoolyard. The skull high top photo taken from behind reveals a tiny tattoo on the nape of the neck. It is easy to understand when there are many criticisms, saying that she is not pure, does not set an example for students, how can teachers teach students if they also have tattoos?I understand and completely sympathize with that rigor. Such criticisms could have come from my mother or sister's mouth if they hadn't witnessed their own daughter/sister with a tattoo. We are in a period of cultural transition. That's when old habits and new have a chance to collide, old layers of meaning have a chance to face, old prejudices and ideas have a chance to exchange, and people of the old generation have a chance to have new ideas. opportunity to listen to each other. Therefore, I share my own story so that those who see tattoos as a symbol of decadence have one more chance to consider their own prejudices. Each tattoo, who knows, behind it is a message of the sad and happy twists and turns in life.As with all cultural symbols from the past, all good and bad assumptions can gradually change as we witness more and more things that go against what I once thought. Forget it, it's ok for the students to ask why the teacher gets a tattoo, but it's not okay for us to get a tattoo. You could say that tattooing, like making love, has to be old enough to understand, to do... well, and to be strong enough to bear the consequences. Otherwise, just keep fighting.