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Joseph, a Picture of Jesus (Genesis 37-50)
"All men God uses greatly He first prepares greatly.  Few are willing to endure the greatness of God's preparation. God orders both your STEPS and STOPS!"
Joseph as a picture of Jesus (thus far):

1. Was a shepherd.

2. Loved by his father.

3. Sent unto his brethren.

4. Hated by his brothers.

5. Prophesied his coming glory.

6. Rejected by his brothers.

7. Endures unjust punishment from his brothers.

8. Sentenced to the pit.

9. Delivered to the pit, though a leader knew he should go free.

10. Sold for pieces of silver.

11. Handed over to the Gentiles.

12. Regarded as dead, but raised out of the pit.

13. Went to Egypt.

14. Made a servant.

15. Tempted severely, but did not sin.

16. Falsely accused.

17. Made no defense.

18. Cast into prison, and numbered with sinners and criminals.

19. Endures unjust punishment from Gentiles.

20. Associated with two other criminals; one is pardoned and one is not.

a. The butler, with his wine, and the baker, with his bread, have been associated with the elements of communion. The three-day period before their case is resolved has been associated with the three days before the resurrection of Jesus.

21. Shows compassion.

22. Brings a message of deliverance in prison.

23. Wanted to be remembered.

24. Shown to have divine wisdom.

25. Recognized as having the Spirit of God.

26. Betrayed by friends.

27. Glorified after his humility.

28. Honored among Gentiles while still despised or forgotten by his brethren.

29. Given a Gentile bride.

30. 30 years old when he began his life's work.

31. He blesses the world with bread.

32. He was the only source of bread.

33. The world is instructed to go to him and do whatever he says to do.

34. Given the name "God Speaks and He Lives."

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Guzik, David. "Commentary on Genesis 41". "David Guzik's Commentaries
on the Bible". <>. 1997-2003.  

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Jan 24, 2009  ( 1 comment )  
Julie Carr (beekielou)
Fascinating similarities - thanks for sharing these!! I enjoyed it.
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