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ORIGEN - Alexandrian theologian (185 -254)
 "Origen was one of the Greek Fathers of the church.  He is considered
  to be one of the first textual critics of the Bible; one of the
  first to set forth a systematic statement OF THE FAITH;"
     (Dictionary of the Christian Church,  Zondervan)

 "ORIGEN (C. 253) is free from all ambiguity..."I admit", he says "that
  there may be some.....(sic) who maintain that the Saviour is the
  Most High God over all, but we do NOT certainly hold such a view,
  who believe Him when He said Himself: "THE FATHER WHO SENT ME IS
  GREATER THAN I"; and again: "Clearly we assert.....(sic) that the
  Son is not mightier than the Father, but INFERIOR."
   (The Gospel According To John  B.F. Wescott commentary p.213)

TERTULLIAN (160-215)  African moralist. apologist, and theologian.
Tertullian's sophistic brilliance and literary versatility, ruthless
vigor as disputant and polemicist, fecundity in uttering memorable
dicta, and fervent religious immediacy make him a captivating writer
     (Dictionary of the Christian Church,  Zondervan)

Tertullian wrote:
  "...but the Logos did not become Son of God until He was brought
 forth to be the instrument of creation; there was a time when the Son
 (as Son) did not exist (Adv Hermog. 3).  The Father has the fullness
 of Deity, the Son ONLY A PORTION OF IT, derived from Him." Tertullian
 is relying on the subordinationist Logos doctrine of the apologists,
 especially Theophillus,"
     (Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia Of Religious Knowledge)

NOVATIAN "...who was nonetheless a vigorous champion of true Christology.
Novatian died as a martyr during the persecutions under Valerian."
     (Dictionary of the Christian Church,  Zondervan)

 "NOVATIAN (c. 250) is scarcely less bold in his mode of expression:
 'It is necessary that [the Father] have priority (prior sit) as
 Father, since He who knew no origin must needs have precedence over
 (antecedat) Him who has an origin.  At the same time [the Son] must
 be LESS, since He knows that He is in Him AS HAVING AN ORIGIN
 because He is BORN'."
  (The Gospel of John According to B.F. Wescott Commentary p.213)

  The above represent three well known church fathers who in turn
represent a large cross-section of early Christianity. Those authors clearly
did not teach the doctrine of the Trinity. They each said that Jesus was not
equal with the Father.  
Harold Kupp

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