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In my view, this is the ONLY text that might prove your assertion and it
certainly is not unambiguous.  That verse does not say that the Holy
Spirit is God. It only says that Ananias lied to the Holy Spirit - and then
it says that he lied to God. To conclude that the Holy Spirit is God on
the basis of those verses is merely an interpretation which adds to what
is actually written.  Since the Spirit is the means of communication
between God and man, if you lie to the Spirit you are in effect lying to
God. But it does not follow that the Spirit is God. Are there any verses
which actually say that the Holy Spirit is God? Not one!

Personally, I believe there is much confusion about "The Holy
Spirit".  Have you noticed that there are three different Greek phrases
that are all translated by the English "the Holy Spirit"? For example:

 1.  pneumatos hagion  (spirit holy)     Mt 1:18
 2.  to hagion pneuma  (the holy spirit)    Luke 12:10
 3.  to pneumati to hagio  (the spirit the holy)   Mk 12:36

There is a significant difference between these terms especially
number one above without the definite article.  This is likely a generic
term for spirit power or could even refer to angels which in various
places are called both "holy" and "spirit".  For an example where
"spirit" may refer to spiritual power, look at this verse:

Acts 4:31 "And they were all filled with THE HOLY SPIRIT and spoke the
word of God with boldness."

However, in the Greek it would read:

Acts 4:31 "...And they were all filled with SPIRIT HOLY and spoke the
word of God with boldness."

"*THE* Holy Spirit" is an intentional mistranslation.

There are other examples where "Spirit" clearly refers to an angel.
Compare these verses all speaking of the same being which spoke to
Harold Kupp

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