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Our service is almost over now; but we have served this man well.
Some people would say that our owner is rich; but we know that he
made himself poor for the brethren's sake. He bought us at a garage
sale so he would have money to buy shoes for his poor brothers
and sisters.

After he puts us on each morning, he reads his Bible and prays
because he wants to know his duty to God.  Each day, we have
walked in that pathway because our owner never knowingly breaks
any of the Ten Commandments and is always looking for ways to
help others.

When Christ's brethren are homeless he helps them move into his
own home and looks for ways to help them out of their present
difficulties.  Many times these very people are unthankful for his
goodness and even end up rejecting him and his good counsel; yet
we never hear him complain.  He doesn't try to get even with those
who take unfair advantage of his generosity; but instead, he prays
that God will grant them repentance and then he leaves their case
with God.

Our owner walks with God but he doesn't have many friends. He
often walks alone because most people don't want to walk that hard
narrow way that leads to eternal life.

If there is no resurrection, our owner is the greatest of fools; but if
there truly is a resurrection this man will receive great honor,
eternal riches and he will hear Jesus say:

"Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over
a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things:  enter thou
into the joy of the Lord."  Mat 25:21

If shoes could talk, what kind of testimony could your shoes give
of you?

Donna Kupp

The Seven Deadly Deceptions Of Counterfeit Christianity

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