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Francis Chan: Making the Real Church the Priority
Francis Chan: Making the Real Church the Priority
Listen to these Four messages in this order.
Gospel Conference part 5  By Francis Chan  April 5, 2009  Christians need to focus on (and be) what God says "church" should be and not what our Evangelical tradition says.  (The first 20 minutes is about the city council's vote on their building permit)
Who's the Cult?  By Francis Chan  April 19, 2009  Francis answers the three main objections to his "Gospel Conference part 5" sermon
enCourage part 2  By Francis Chan  May 24, 2009  Francis goes for it!  Starting at 31 minutes he says for the summer he's going to be in the Valley and not Simi Valley
Gospel Conference part 2  By Jeff Vanderstelt  March 30, 2009  Jeff shares what his church (Soma in Tacoma, Washington) focuses on.  Sounds like this is the direction Cornerstone (Francis's church) is moving in.  They focus on Missional communities.
Cornerstone Training
Is available at under the "Gospel Training" tab
A Missional Community consists of a committed core of believers (FAMILY) who live out the
mission of God together (MISSIONARIES) in a specific area or to a particular people group by
demonstrating the gospel in tangible forms (SERVANTS) and declaring the gospel to others—
both those who believe it and those who are being exposed to it (LEARNERS). To clarify, a Missional
Community is NOT primarily a small group, Bible study, support group, social activist group, or weekly meeting.  

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Kathy Carr (kathy)
Yes, let's keep praying about what God wants me to do next.
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