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Francis Chan: Other Key Messages
Living a Life that Matters: Living to Display the Gospel by Francis Chan  March 15, 2009  Boy, this really has me thinking about making BIG changes.  Love to hear what you think!
God is Strong.  Am I? by francis Chan  May 10, 2009  Do what God wants you to do, not what security and everyone else is telling you to do.  Don't compromise, God is strong.
Repent and Believe (the Holy Spirit, part 3) by Francis Chan  August 26, 2007  Does raising your hand in church and praying a prayer save you?
Easter Message by Francis Chan  April 12, 2009  The Real (Strong, tough, demanding, and in control) Jesus presented (from about 20 passages in Matthew) and not the weak Jesus.
Flirting With Disaster by Francis Chan (Jan 11, 2009)

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