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Pragmatic Goals
Often people have difficulty writing objectives and goals for individuals who need to develop social language or pragmatic skills.  Here is a list that I have developed for a social pragmatics group that we have been conducting in my school for the last 3 years.  The students are typically 3rd through 5th grade but the skills may be similar for older students as well.
Long Term Goals:
1. The student will demonstrate awareness and use of social communication skills in 4 out of 5 observed opportunities during group language activities.
2.  The student will demonstrate correct body language and proximity in 4 of 5 observed opportunities during group activities.
3.   The student will demonstrate the ability to problem solve and cooperate with other members of a group 4 of 5 opportunites.
1.  The student will demonstrate an understanding of conversation rules 4 of 5 oppotunities in the following areas during a planned group activity.
      a.  maintaining a topic of conversation
      b.  responding appropriately to questions
      c.  asking appropriate questions
      d.  giving a listener adequate background information
      e.  giving appropriate feedback to the speaker.
2.  The student will use appropriate body language 4 of 5 opportunities in the following areas during a planned group activity.
      a. He will maintain appropriate proximity and body direction
      b. He will use appropriate hand and arm movements that don't invade another persons space.
      c.  He will use appropriate eye contact
      d.  He will demonstrate an awareness how others may interpret certain body positions and facial expressions.
3.  The student will demonstrate the ability to see the perspective of another individual and be flexible about another persons opinion that is different from there own 4 of 5 opportunities during a group interaction.
4.  When given a joint task, the student will problem solve, determine the correct course of action, and complete the task in cooperation with the other individual.

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