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'bella' is BEAUTIFUL
Bella won the People's Choice award at Toronto's International Film Festival in 2006!

The movie "Bella" is now in theaters.  The lead actor, Eduardo Verastegui,who plays Jose, was born and raised in Mexico and was a singer and actor in spanish soap operas, television shows, and movies such as Chasing Papi. After his conversion to Christ, he "realized his acting was furthering a negative stereotype of Latino men, and purposed to act only in positive films." In the movie, "Jose's willingness to compassionately listen to an woman facing an unplanned pregnancy mirrors the loving care that pregnancy centers provide girls and women every day." (Care Net)
Nov. 8- I just got to see "Bella" and it was wonderful.  Eduardo Verastegui's sensitivity to Nina's unplanned pregnancy is beautifully portrayed and the warmth, hospitality and inclusiveness of others by Jose's family also reflects one of the strengths of the Latino families. It's a movie with a simple plot and a powerful message of life. (La vida!) I highly recommend it!
Also, "Bella's creators also hope the film will affect the abortion debate and directly influence women considering abortions." (World Magazine)
¡Bella ganó el premio superior en el festival internacional de la película de Toronto en 2006!  El agente del plomo, Eduardo Verastegui, que juega a Jose, nació y fue criado en México y era cantante y agente en óperas del jabón, demostraciones de la televisión, y películas españolas tales como perseguimiento de Papi. Después de su conversión a Cristo, él “realizó que el suyo el actuar fomentaba un estereotipo negativo de los hombres de Latino, y purposed para actuar solamente en películas positivas.” En la película, la “buena voluntad de Jose compasivamente de escuchar una mujer que hace frente a un embarazo imprevisto refleja el cuidado cariñoso que los centros del embarazo proporcionan a las muchachas y a mujeres diarias.” (Red del cuidado) visita

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Jan 24, 2010  ( 1 comment )  
Marie Carr (nanarie)
YES! This is a fabulous film. It is excellent in all respects---the story, the message, the writing, the casting , the craftmanship, the production values ,the scenery and everything. Yes, we really liked it and thank you for suggesting it a while back when we put it on our Netflix queue.
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