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Apex Key Points
Define what House Church (HC) is:
  • They are called house churches because we believe believe they are the church, not the weekend gathering
    1. Embrace Jesus Christ as the head of the church (seems like each meeting they ask him for direction)
    2. Overseen by qualified elders
    3. Practice Baptism, Lord supper, (Rich adds worship, and prayer)  
    4. Carry out Church discipline and restoration
    5. Teach the scriptures
    6. Proactive about sharing the Gospel (Rich adds praying for lost friends, having "parties" with friends invited)
    7. They really care about one another and intentionally help meet one another's needs.
    8. (Rich Added)
      1. Discipling - Shepherds goal is for everyone to become a real disciple of Jesus
      2. Because very significant shepherding takes place thereby fulfilling 1 Peter 5.2 and Heb 13.17
      3. Intensity:  Spend significantly more time together, meet weekly, always eat meals together.   some do quads together.  Have whole families together.
      4. Mindset: They know this is church where they are to care for one another.  Not a small group where they don't have the responsibility
      5. Responsibility:  Leader has much more responsibility: Not just facilitate a once a week meeting BUT to shepherd everyone and to raise up new leaders for multiplication.  Leader has much greater "felt needs" and will therefore grow much faster.
      6. Much more shepherding occurs because:
        1. It's part of his job description (he is called an shepherd, not a facilator or small group leader)
        2. Only way he will be able to multiply his HC is by going a very good job of shepherding
  • They seek to establish transparency and accountability in even smaller same-sex groups (oftentimes called “Quads”) that often meet or talk throughout the week.
  • It’s often much more like “Family Thanksgiving” than “Small Group Bible Study.”
  • Disadvantages
    • "One size fits all".  What about young married couples B/S.  Just make it into a church
    • Children at "church"  Some HC act like a family Thanksgiving reunion, you don't get a babysitter
  • Church Sign  "Apex: A network of House Churches
  • Next steps
    1. More research and phone calls
    2. Visit Apex with a few key people.   For 5 days? visiting a different HC each day and Tim meets with Senior Pastor.
    3. Learn from their mistake and do a better launch that has all shepherds buy in of the need to multiple
      1. You start the first HC (of 20+ people).  Not with Elders but with almost 100% of immediate future shepherds
      2. After 3 months of meeting weekly:
        1. Your original HC start 4 other HC with these shepherds (each with two shepherds that were in your HC)  Have 5 HC
        2. Your start another HC with less experienced future shepherds
        3. Total is now 5 house churches after 3 months
      3. After 6 months
        1. The original 4 2nd generation HC split into 8
        2. Your 2nd one splits into 2
        3. Total now is 10 house churches (200 people) after 9 months
      4. Goal is for the HC to split within a year because Horizon still has many people who are not in HC
        1. Have 20 HC after 1 3/4 years
      5. Then the goal is to split after ever 2 years (since more of the growth will be coming from evangelism
  • Easy to implement (if one has a good plan), not like blowing up the church with the pure Organic model
  • Questions for Horizon.  Should Horizon also provide these (Apex has chosen not to):
    • New believers class
    • School of Discipleship
Matt Moore of Conerstone
  • What is currently going on with the LA house churches?
  • What is the plan for the next few years?
  • Based on your experience in launching the HC would you have done anything differently with the launch?
  • How do you expect Francis returning to regularly preaching at Cornerstone will effect the Sunday morning HC?
  • Are you familiar with the Apex Community church in Ohio?

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