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Ski Trip Planning Form - blank


Leave Thursday night, Jan 28th,  7 pm, from 725 Euclid Ave., SF.  Need to be dropped off here by 6 pm on Thursday with all gear so we can pack the cars

Return home Sunday night, Jan 31st, between 7 & 8 pm, at 725 Euclid Ave.   Need to be picked up at this location.

  • Friday will be a free day (no ski/boarding or tickets necessary)
  • We will rent gear Friday at 5 pm at Kirkwood at a special rate of ~$25/day, so $50 total
  • Tickets for lifts cost about $55/day, so about $110 total
  • $20 for food costs
  • we will stop at In & Out or something like that on the drive home Sunday night, so that's another $5
  • So total cost will be about $185.
Stuff to Bring:
  • Signed medical release letter
  • We will flesh out this list and provide it to all attendees the week of the trip.

Fact Sheet
 Parent Name,
Have parents
been told the
trip times, dropoff/pickup
location, total cost, etc.?
Do parents approve, and are
ready for Robert to contact them?
Bringing any boards,
boots, or skis? 
If so, what? 
If we don't have room for it,
can they rent it instead?
any gear?
If so, what?
Any special
dietary needs?
Parent needs to
wrie a signed medical release letter.
 1. Rose Carr

Cooking / Cleaning Teams
Organize into teams of 2 or 3
('cook' breakfast or lunch can be as simple as organizing and setting out breakfast/lunch fixins,
 or can involve cooking, it's up to the team what they want to serve)
 Team Member Names
 Organize a shopping list for what food is needed, review list carefully with each 'cooking' team

 Cook Friday breakfast
 Clean Friday breakfast
 Cook Friday lunch
 Clean Friday lunch
 Cook Friday dinner
 Clean Friday dinner
 Cook Saturday breakfast
 Clean Saturday breakfast
 Cook Saturday lunch
 Clean Saturday lunch
 Cook Saturday dinner
 Cook Sunday breakfast
 Clean Sunday breakfast
 Cook Sunday lunch
 Clean Sunday lunch
 Clean upstairs bathroom on Sunday afternoon (team of 2)
 Clean downstairs bathroom on Sunday afternoon (team of 2)  
 Clean kitchen on Sunday afternoon (team of 2)  
 Vacuum downstairs carpet on Sunday afternoon (1)

 Vacuum downstairs carpet on Sunday afternoon (1)

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