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Visiting Roper Consulting's Shares (account name: roperconsulting)
Driving Directions -- Alternate Route

Heatherstone's location is circled in red in the below map.

Here is what the Heatherstone Condo looks like from the street.  You go down the driveway down to the left of the building to the garage.


Parking & Getting into the Condo

  1. The Condo has one parking space in the underground garage.  If you're not the lucky one to park there, you can drive down into the garage to unload your vehicle, but then you'll have to park either in one of the few guest spots right in front of the condo building, or in the large parking lot a quarter mile further up the road.
  2. Guest parking spaces:   are located in front of our building in a pad with 8 spots, and also on the street in front of the other (smaller) Meaddowstone building.  You can use any free space but be sure to have a parking permit tag on your dash or else you'll get booted (we keep the tags on the kitchen counter - they hang on your mirror and have my #402 on them).
  3. Garage:   turn left down into the downhill driveway and drive down into the garage.  You can open the garage door by going through either door (your keys will open them) and pushing the open button.  You can unload by parking next to the back (left) elevator lobby.   Pull into parking spot # 122 around to the right corner  (or, if it's Summer time and the garage is pretty empty you can feel okay about parking most anywheres).

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Henry Steingart (heartstrong6)
great directions!
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