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Early Spring 2010 Newsletter
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Diana Owens and Glenn Bourdot - Tantra Coaching and Retreats - Early Spring, 2010 Newsletter Subtitle
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:: A Valentine's Celebration of the Heart Play-Day - Prescott, AZ, Feb 13 - PLACES STILL OPEN!
:: "Divine Juiciness" - Tucson, AZ - April 11
:: Prescott Tantra Meet-Up Group Starting! - March 11
:: "Divine Juiciness" - Prescott, AZ - April 24
Diana Feb 08 Dear Friends and Kindreds,

Ah, the first stirrings of new growth - roots waking up and stretching towards the warming sun - a few blades of shocking green along the south-side snow melt. Looking inwardly, we may not see any new growth now, but that doesn't mean we're sleeping. Nor is nature. The sap is running juicy in the trees. Birds are singing spring songs. The sun is stronger, bringing a rush of energy to our bodies, as it rises earlier each day and we thrill that the cold is finally coming to an end!

And we know, somehow, that it's time we take a stand, and decide in which direction we want to grow and move. Now.

Following my move to Arizona last year, and "settling in" for the past five months, I'm all about moving and growing again.  Diana and I are downright ecstatic about living together (at last), and the upcoming gatherings and programs we are planning this season are definitely running

All of us experience life through our bodies, and living a passionate and successful life requires a strong body. As Sky-Dancing Tantra is a body-based spiritual path, it is a perfect vehicle by which to grow strong and move closer to our dreams and come 
into harmony with the very Energy of life.  Yes, your life.

Are you ready? Diana and I invite you to join us this winter/spring and make the most of this season of growth, and yourself, and all your relationships.

Dear Ones,

We are so glad to be re-connecting with you after such a long time!
Glenn landed in Prescott from Minnesota in  October, 2009, to share time and space with me asmy Beloved partner. It has taken us until now to be rady to facilitate tantra programs. I'm so excited to be offering a depth of experience as well as expertise in Sky Dancing Tantra. Glenn and I have used all of our skills to  deepen and strengthen our relationship. We  are really excited to share the benefits of our growth with you. Happy Spring and happy growth as you open to how Sky-Dancing Tantra can support you and your relationship.
Blessings on your path,
A Valentine's Celebration of the Heart Play-Day!
Saturday, Feb 13, 9:30am-9:30pm
Prescott, AZ

sacred heart
Experience a deeply relaxing and romantic day of celebrating and intensifying love for yourself (your very own Valentine), and for your partner.

Through laughter, play, sacred ritual, meditation, music and movement, we will deepen intimacy, enhance communication, make peace, create romance, explore the energy of sensuality and sexuality, heighten joy, and deeply appreciate the Beloved in ourselves and our partner.

Prescott, Arizona
Saturday, February 13

$75/person, $135/couple
*Includes lunch and a romantic dinner*

Creekside Center
337 North Rush Street, Prescott, AZ
more info HERE
Prescott Tantra Meet-Up
Group Forming!

Thursday, March 11

Mark your calendars for the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month, and join us to talk about sex, intimacy, romance, communication and relationships.

Using discussion of basic tantric principles and experiential exercises designed to develop the ecstatic body, Diana and I will explore, celebrate, and grow with you in mutual appreciation and wonder.

Location to be announced...

Divine Juiciness - A Play-Shop!
Celebrating the Play of the Feminine and the Masculine In Our Relationships
Tucson AZ, April 11

LovingWay banner
Join us as we work, play, and explore what it means to be male or female in our society. With special communication exercises, movement and humor, we'll share our struggles and joys, and discover what we need to move fully into our passion and power as individual men and women.

We'll devote the morning to separate men and women's circles, with a co-ed afternoon session to share our transformations and actually celebrate together!

Men will shift from the common "get-her-done" approach to relationship, to a relaxed and open trust in their ability to love. They will also discover and
feel that this as their greatest strength and value as men!

Women will have the opportunity to bathe in the feminine power of their sensual nature and affirm their wholeness. As they deepen their potential to love and trust their own hearts, they will realize the power they have to witness and evoke the true love-essence of their partners.

April 11, 2010
Caritas Healing Center
330 E. 16th St. Tucson AZ
Saturday, 9:30am - 5:30pm

$60 per person, $95 per couple

Join us and celebrate the union of the masculine and feminine in yourself and in all your relationships!

more info HERE

Divine Juiciness II
Beyond the Cult of Pairs

Celebration of our divine Feminine and Masculine polarity continues. Play, work, and honor your self, and ALL your relationships!

"The concepts of male and female are not forever divided by a gender gap; they can be viewed as two polarities that meet and merge in every human being. Man or woman, we have both masculine and feminine qualities. Honoring this polarity opens us to a sense of the sacred." - Margot Anand

(watch our blog for further details)

Prescott, AZ, April 24

"The *meaning* of sexuality is our capacity to love fully. Our sexual energy heightens our ability to express ourselves fully and lovingly moment to moment, and to unite with another. We all have this capacity and can live intimately in any moment through this process. As we do this, we start identifying blocks to our loving, wounds we have that influence us to close down or numb out. Over time, this becomes a spiritual path where we have the opportunity moment to moment to choose openness and love. This is the heightening of consciousness, which is what spirituality is."
Diana Owens, Soulful Sex, Weaving Sex, Love & Spirit into Everyday Life, p. 79

Thanks for reading along everyone, and may all beings be well, and may we all DO what we came here to do.  We're looking forward to being with YOU!

Diana Owens and Glenn Bourdot
Tantra Coaching and Retreats

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