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My personal testimony to the reality of Jesus is the change in my
heart.  I know what kind of man I was and how I live now.  The
difference is the proof of a supernatural power.

There is  compelling proof that Jesus was the Messiah in that He
was resurrected from the dead.  We all die but only God could
resurrect the dead.  So if Jesus really was resurrected we must
believe His testimony about Himself.

The compelling evidence that Jesus was resurrected is that
historically we know that the apostles were killed because they
would not deny their faith in Jesus having witnessed his death and

Of course there are many Muslims etc. today who die for what they
believe to be true.  But would they sacrifice their lives if they knew
what they believed in was a lie?  Each of us in our hearts knows
the answer to that question.

In the end the only real proof I can offer is the change in my life. It
is real and it happened because I was convinced of my sin and
called upon Jesus to deliver me because I was helpless.

God bless

Harold Kupp

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