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The apostasy is now Part III

 The apostasy is now Part III   

Listen to what Paul said to the Thessalonians concerning the day when Jesus shall return:

"Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come  unless THE APOSTASY*  comes first, and the Man of LAWLESSNESS** is revealed." 2 Thessalonians 2:3 NAS

APOSTASY is from the Greek "Apostasia."  It means "defection from truth." (Strong's Greek Dictionary)  KJV translates it as "a falling away."

We are living in the midst of that "falling away."  Now is the time of the Great Apostasy that is predicted by the scriptures.  Most of the church system has already defected from the truth.  (i.e. God's law)  The leaders of the churches have failed to recognize the "Man of Lawlessness" because they do not recognize the law.

**  (Man of) LAWLESSNESS is from the Greek "Anomia."  It means "contempt and violation of the law, iniquity, wickedness." (Thayer's Greek Lexicon)  The KJV refers to him as "The Man of Sin."

The apostle John used the same word ("Anomia") when he gave us the scriptural definition of sin.  He said:

"Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law:
(Transgression of the law = Anomia)

Jesus also used the word "Anomia" when He warned those who continued to sin to beware of the judgment day.  He said:

"Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord,  have we not prophesied in thy name?   and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

And then will I profess unto them,  I never knew you: depart* from me,

YE THAT WORK INIQUITY." Matthew 7:21-23
 (Iniquity =   Anomian; i.e. depart from me, ye that transgress  the law of God.)

I pray that all of the readers who call Jesus "LORD" will take heed. No matter how good your intentions, no matter how sincere your "faith," if you do not keep His commandments, you are the one Jesus is warning.
The seduction of the churches had already begun even as the apostles were spreading the Gospel.  Paul also used the word "Anomia" when he cautioned the Thessalonians.  He said:

"For the mystery of iniquity [Anomia] doth already work:”  2 Thessalonians 2:7              

Therefore, each believer must constantly test his teacher's doctrine for any sign of the "Man of Sin."  Remember, Satan will show himself to believers as an "angel of light," and his servants will
seem to be "ministers of righteousness." (2 Cor. 11:14)  The evil one works under the cover of goodness, and thrives on the word "love."  His teachers are the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.  They will cover a pint of poison for a river of good.  But they can be found out, for the teachers who know God, keep His commandments.

Many who stand in the pulpit have already been led astray by false teachers in high places.  For example, those ministers who say that a believer may keep his sins (i.e. be a "carnal Christian") and still inherit eternal life are teaching the principles of lawlessness.

Beware, for there can be no compromise with God's truth.  Those who accept the devil's lies will be lost.  Paul warned the churches about the fate of those who would not love and obey "the truth." He said they were those who would perish:

"because they received not the LOVE OF THE TRUTH, that they might be saved."   2 Thessalonians 2:10

"But unto them that are contentious and do not OBEY THE TRUTH, but obey unrighteousness, indignation and wrath."  Romans 2:8

THY LAW IS THE TRUTH."     Psalm 119:142

I hope that whenever the reader sees the words "the truth," he will immediately think: "God's law."  If you do, Satan will never be able to deceive you.  He and his workers are continually trying to lead us into apostasy through sin.  Without God's law we have no measure of good and evil, but if we walk in the light of the Ten Commandments, then we are always able to make the right choices, because:


We may also be sure that the Holy Spirit will never lead us to do something that would cause us to break any of God's commandments.

Harold and Donna Kupp

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