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In 2012


   In 2012

     They say that time’s up, the year’s 2012
     The stars are lined up, go see for yourself
     But I’ve made my mind up, I won’t trade, buy or sell
     No, I won’t buy the farm in 2012

It started out a normal day, I was down-dog on the floor
In my bones I had my way, but then there came a dark knock on my door
Two young men in black suits and shady glasses chilled me to the bone
When they told me I won’t need my happy home


Humanity might get confused in the coming years of worry and woe
If the prophecies turn out to be true, and if they don’t we got a line to toe
All I know is all my ordinary stories just don’t apply
When I realize we could be over in the wink of an eye

          I might be a fool
          I might be a guru to you
         Whatever it is, you can choose
          ‘Cause this here moment is new

I like it just the way it is here, in this 21st century
All of my friends and a couple-three beers, now where would I rather be?
But am I he, as you are he, and we are all together
Or are we all just in for nasty weather?






                                 © 2010 Glenn Bourdot

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