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Roast Beef Stew

7-8  pounds roast beef

1 package (approx 1 pound) chicken gizzards and hearts

6 apples cored and sliced

1 pound frozen spinach (unsalted)

1 pound baby carrots

4 cups water

4 eggs

4 egg shells

1 can organic pumpkin

14 fish oil gel caps


Place roast been in large 2 gallon slow cooker, and surround with vegetables.  Whisk egg in water, and pour egg water mixture over beef and veggie mix in slow cooker.  Cover and cook on medium or high heat for 6 to 8 hours.  Clean egg shells thoroughly , grind in an espresso grinder and set aside.  Once beef mix is cooked shred beef and transfer mixture to a large storage container, stir in egg shells, and pumpkin.  Cool, and store in fridge.  Makes enough for approx 14 servings for a large dog.  Serve with one fish oil capsule at each meal.

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