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Cover Letter for Jan 2011 Application Package
Cover Letter
January 2011 Lead Minister Application Package
S.F. Swedenborgian Church

We are glad and excited that you are considering taking this journey with us.

Whatever the outcome, we are very hopeful that in getting to know each other a lasting friendship will ensue.

First and foremost are the position description and the application form:
  • Position Description (click here to download)
    • A successful and long-lasting employment of a minister by a congregation must be built on a clear understanding of the job.   This document is our Council's job description that they will use in negotiating a contract with our new Lead minister.
  • Application Form (click here to download)
    • We want to learn about you and why you can be a great new lead minister for our congregation. This document is our application form.  It is in MS Word .doc format so you can download it, edit your copy, and submit the electronic version back to us at this email:
The application form lists all the requirements necessary for a complete package, and we are available to answer any questions that may arise for you, at any time between now and February 7, 2011.
In addition to the position description and application form, you might find the following three documents useful to better know our congregation and church.  These documents were produced as part of our interim process in 2009 and 2010.
  • The Uses of Us  (click here to download)
    • This is a large, information-rich document, written during the last 18 months, which captures our history and journey and sets the stage for our journey forward.  During our interim process our congregation learned and grew in self awareness.  This document captures many of those learnings.
  • From Discernment a Declaration  (click here to download)
    • Our interim process included a sequence of congregational meetings.  The final meeting was held in January 2010 and was our opportunity to explore our future directions.  This document is one member's attempt to capture the results and sentiments of our exciting and energizing January meeting.
  • This Call is an Opportunity and a Challenge (click here to view)
    • A goal, and a result, of our interim process, was a more mature and self-aware congregation.  We are much more aware and conscious of the scope and needs of our staffing and leadership.  This document outlines our understanding that we are calling you to a job that is not only a challenge, and, we humbly hope, a  wonderful opportunity.
We appreciate your interest and prayers for our church as we progress through our Search process.

Lead Minister Search Committee
The San Francisco Swedenborgian Church

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