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0001 ----> ON BEING NICE.

I post the things that I post on Facebook because I know that some of the people connected to my Facebook page find them helpful to themselves or to other people in their lives.  I also use Facebook in my writing, as I have several websites and I believe that my writing helps people who are on computers at public libraries and only have one hour to find what they are looking for.  It has taken me years and years of reading and learning and I still don't know enough to protect myself! It's ridiculous!
Why the hell do we even NEED lawyers in society if they aren't going to work for us?  To protect thieves?  YES!!
I don't value Facebook for the same purposes as some of the rest of you might.  And that's ok with me.  That should be ok with you.  You can always block my posts if you are sick to death of it, and look at my wall when YOU want to.  This is the beauty of Facebook.  It's completely under your control; as far as you know!
If you do choose to read my posts, as you read my files some of the things that I have authored might seem to have a bit of an angry or vengeful tone.
I only seem angry because I am absolutely livid to my core.
These are things and people and issues that are directly involved in my life on a daily basis.  This has gone on for years and years, this unnecessary fiasco has cost myself and the tax payers of this state and county thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars.  And for what?  To accomplish WHAT?
They are ALL being paid.  I am not.  It's about money.  MY money.  I make everything I sell.  It's MY labor, my time.  It's the food that is supposed to go into my children's mouths.  I am pissed off at my mommy zone.  I am not on ANY kind of public aid.  I shouldn't be poor.  I shouldn't have to be forced to babysit after my public officials and double check to make sure they are doing their jobs and following their oaths of public office!  I SHOULD BE WORKING!!!  But they will take my god damned house and my kids and my bank accounts and anything they can just for the sake of writing it on a piece of paper and filing it down there if I don't answer all their documents and questions and right quickly!  It's out of control, it's to cover up wrongdoing, it's fraudulent and in violation of the written law.
The information regarding the Uniform Commercial Code is not controversial.  It's there.  You should know about it, whether you choose to believe it or talk about it is completely and entirely up to you.  It is in the law, for all the world to see.  If you want to go along with it at your own expense, that is your choice. 
However, it is not acceptable for you to expect me to be trampled on in a game that I don't want to play just because you are ok with it.
I have to still live here.  I have kids that I have to leave behind who are all very vulnerable to being used, who are unaware of their loss of freedoms. These freedoms are still supposed to exist.  I am not ok with the loss of our personal liberties.  It is those very freedoms, liberties, and civil processes which these people are abusing in order to steal from me which I am attempting to use to defend myself. To defend myself from continuous attacks by the County Clerk's Office and by the County Attorney's Office and by my City of St. Charles.  Now, I find myself caught up in the middle of a war between them!  WONDERFUL!  And NOT over taxes, NOT over any crime, it's all because I won't pay my sister's husband's cousin money for my ex-husband's attornees fees?  Really?  Yes.  F'n REALLY.
And rather than hold people accountable for violating our laws and processes, we say nothing, we do nothing.
Are these people protecting something bad?  Yes. 
Should I just steal from someone else to compensate for it and just keep my mouth shut?  I know how.  I am watching them do it and get away with it.  Should I join them?  Step up to my next level of understanding of the playing field?  NO!  I don't want to participate.  That should be ok.  "No, thanks." That should be enough.
If you witness a crime and do and say nothing, you are just as guilty as the perpetrator.  Isn't that what the law says?
I witnessed my county social services violating numerous laws and committing actual crimes, all with regard to a very high level special needs child that was sent to live in my home, when she never should have been sent to live with us to begin with.  It wasn't her fault, it wasn't David's fault.  It was the fault of professional people being paid nice salaries with public money to do nothing but pass around social security numbers and billing statements.  And because I spoke up about it, because I cared about her and her family, and about my family - I have apparently become an enemy of the state.  Simply because I asked for my State to be accountable to that child, back in 2005 and 2006. They FAILED.  She lives on the streets of Milwaukee and is a very confused and lonely girl who is so angry and she doesn't understand a damn thing that has happened to her.  She was not in school for over three years.  She did not see a dentist for over three years.  She did not have medical attention for three years.  She has physical birth defects, which require medical attention.  She was in over 37 documented placements within three years' time.  I COULD NOT KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT AS WITNESS TO THAT CRIME.
I can't work any harder.
You might want to be a little nicer in your circumstances, whatever they might be.  These words, they can all be switched around and replaced to mean similar or various or different things.
I have said this before:
I want to be nice, but I am not ready yet.

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