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Felix Zulauf Advice

Barron's Roundtable Jun 2011


By the middle of the decade at the latest, we can will have a major crisis, bigger than 2008.  Several countries will default, particularly in Europe.  Quasi-fixed exchange rates between the US and China will start to unravel, which will force the USD down tremendously.  It will push bond yields up and stocks down.


Gold will beat stocks in the next few years, even if gold corrects by more than 10%.



From Barron's Roundtable Jan 2011

Buy JJG Grains Total Return Index which consists of 38% corn, 38% soybeans, the rest wheat.
Buy Vix Futures, Feb and March contracts.

From Barron's November 2010

Possible icebergs ahead:

A Greek default.
30% drop in Spanish real-estate values.
German popular revolt against their government's support of irresponsible EU members.
Be focused on where you want to store your money because "you might not be able to get it out when you want it", ie, the introduction of capital controls.

Suggestions for portfolio strategy:

20% in gold
30%-40% in mostly emerging-market equities
30%-40% in three-year gov't bonds , denominated in currencies as the Singapore dollar and the Swiss Franc

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