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Works of the Flesh Galatians 5:19




THE WORKS OF THE FLESH  - Galatians 5:19

Adultery - Illicit connection with a married person.  

Fornication -  Illicit connection between single or unmarried persons; yet often signifying adultery also.

Uncleanness -  Whatever is opposite to purity;  as in Rom_1:24;   unnatural practices; sodomy, bestiality. [moral impurity]

Lasciviousness -   Whatever is contrary to chastity; all lewdness. [pornography]

Idolatry - Worshipping of idols; frequenting idol festivals; all the rites of Bacchus, Venus,  etc., which were common among the Gentiles.

Witchcraft - a drug or poison; because in all spells and enchantments, whether true or false, drugs were employed

Hatred -  Aversions and antipathies, when opposed to brotherly love and kindness.

Variance -  Contentions, where the principle of hatred proceeds to open acts;

Emulations -  Envies or emulations; that is strife to excel at the expense of another; lowering others to set up one’s self. 

Wrath - Turbulent passions, disturbing the harmony of the mind, and producing domestic and civil broils and disquietudes.  

Strife -  Disputations, janglings,  or strife about words.

Seditions - Divisions into separate factions; parties,  
Heresies - Factions; parties in the Church separating from communion with each other, and setting up altar against altar. 

Envyings - “Pain felt, and malignity conceived, at the sight of excellence or happiness.”  

Murders - Murder signifies the destruction of human life; and as he who hates his brother in his heart is ready to take away his life, so he is called a murderer.  

Drunkenness - Taking more wine or any kind of inebriating liquor than is necessary for health; whatever unfits for public, domestic, or spiritual duties; even the cares of the world, when they intoxicate the mind.  

Revellings - Lascivious feastings, with obscene songs, music, etc

And such like -  All that proceeds from the evil passions of a fallen spirit, besides those above specified; and all that the law of God specifies and condemns.

of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do (Greek "practice") such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

Adam Clark's Commentary.  Edited by Harold Kupp

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