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             We have a Vision!

     Other strategy games fundamentally boil down to one primary venue; military. Within that venue are two basic target types: Military targets (ships, troops, etc); and civilian facilities or cities. Against these targets, players are given two basic intentions: Attack & destroy; or capture.

     What we envision includes 4 more venues, two of which are even more elaborately engaging than military in most games. These 5 venues give players dozens of target types and dozens of intentions to direct at them.

     With this scope, our Vision will allow players to enact just about any strategy they can imagine, or have seen in any movie, or have read in any book, and especially has happened in the history of mankind, like no other game we know.

     We are inviting game-minded programmers, web-designers, computer graphics artists, and creative and imaginative players that are intrigued with the challenges of our Vision.

     And it is exceptionally challenging; aspiring to do things that no other games before it have tried.  Because of this, we seek the bold, the brave and the innovative who will explore answers for molding computer technology to meet our Vision. 

     This project will NOT be quick and easy.  But with your help, we hope to succeed before any other game development groups.


More things to play with and more ways in which to play them

Or more simply stated,

Maximized playability!


      "Obviously!" you say?  “Don't all games,” you might ask?

     Almost all strategy war games focus on conventional warfare.  How many games include unconventional, or asymmetric, warfare?  And, how many include both simultaneously?

     Many strategy games may factor in the simplest of economics, giving you a certain amount of money to earn and spend.  But, how many games will get you involved in a variety of well-developed economic systems that include competing corporations, stock markets (in free market economies, anyway) and more?


     What strategy games give you an espionage system so sophisticated that you can immerse yourself in Intel gaming alone?  What game has political intrigue elaborate enough to challenge even the greatest of war-mongers?   What game involves all of these and more?

     Now, the answer should be obvious.

Mission Statement

     To progressively develop the most playable web-based gaming where enjoyment is maximized by the Multiverse of possibilities
  • By ‘progressively’ we mean continuous game development with as much player involvement as is reasonably possible.
  • By ‘playable’ we refer to all players’ ability to do just about anything they imagine to the best of our game-development ability.
  • By the phrase ‘Multiverse of possibilities’ we imply the vast wealth of human imagination experienced through all media, primarily but not exclusively, in the science fact and fiction genres.


     Guided by its Vision, MEC-Lab’s philosophy is ‘playability’ itself.

     So many strategy games try to leave the brilliant-but-abstract Chess set behind in hopes of entertaining the armchair emperors of the world. Why do they seem to always fall short? The answer lies in understanding the essentials of playability, which include:


  1. Possibilities & Flexibility, or the variety of elements, each with a variety of uses at the players' control,
  2. Utility, or the ease of controlling those elements,
  3. Opportunity, or all players’ ability to pursue their goal(s),
  4. Challenge, or comparable opportunities between competing players regardless of the players' chosen elements, and
  5. Enjoyment, or how entertaining the game is to every player

     This is a very bold Vision seeking equally daring and motivated creators.

     If you are intrigued by this endeavor, or if you have questions, please contact here or
contact Jenuvyel by email at

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