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Greetings April 26-27


I left Maputo the morning of April 26 by van on my way to Johannesburg. I have become accustom to traveling via van from one country to the other as it is the most economical way to travel. The only disadvantage is that there is not exact time table. The van leaves when it is full. Therefore if you are first to get the best seat then you may have to wait a long time however if you are near the last then you do not get the best seat (smile). It was not too bad this morning as I only waited about 30 mins before we left.


Exiting Mozambique  



Upon reaching Johannesburg around 4 in the afternoon I tried to find a hotel. I had to ask several people before two gentleman directed me to the nearest hotel which was about 3 blocks from where I exited the van. By this time I was tired and just wanted to get something to eat and get settled. After checking into the hotel for 250 rand ( about $40) I then went out to find something to eat and also check out the city.  I located this Church and took a picture and immediately the security guard told me that I could not take pictures

Church near Hotel -told I could not phot...   I was told that I could not take this picture so I deleted it and then undeleted it after I crossed the street. I was tempted to go in the building across the street and take more pictures from the building but thought better of it. I really wonder what is so significant about this Church that you cannot take pictures without approval. I did notice that there were security guards all around the Church front, side and back.  


Well in any regards I did not like my stay in Johannesburg and was glad to board the plane. For more pictures of my time in Johannesburg click on


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