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A Prayer - Thank You for the Trials
Dear Father in Heaven,
Thank you for allowing people to hurt me.......because of them, I have learned forgiveness.
Thank you for allowing people to make me angry...because they have, I have learned to let go of angry feelings.
Thank you for the mean, cruel and unkind people who I deal with on a daily basis...because of them, I am learning unconditional love.
Thank you for the disappointments....they have taught me the value of hope!
Thank you for situations that have caused me to be afraid....those situations have strengthened my faith.
Thank you for the humiliations I have felt in life....they have helped me to let go of pride.
In times of trouble I always ask you to take trials from me - but You ask ME to grow THROUGH them instead.  You are a good and loving parent.  You know what's best and You stand firm in Your hope for me.  Thank You for believing in me and for standing by me - picking me up when I fall, dusting me off and sending back on my way to try again. And when my days here on earth are done, I pray I will have learned truly what it means to be a Child of God.

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