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A Reflection - Spiritual Growth
The whole purpose of being a Christian, I think, is to allow God to transform me into the image and likeness of Christ.
The world is not perfect and the people who live in it are not perfect either. Why?  Because this is earth - not heaven. Earth isn't meant to be perfect. It is like a school and we are given the opportunity to grow in faith and love. I can pray and ask God to change other people - and that's fine - but even if the other people change - how will THAT transform ME????
How can I learn forgiveness - if I do not FIRST experience hurt?
How can I learn to let go of anger - if FIRST someone doesn't make me angry?
How can I learn unconditional love - if FIRST I don't experience someone who is unlovable?
How can I learn 'hope' - if FIRST, I don't experience disappointment?
How can I learn 'faith' - if FIRST - I don't experience fear?
How can I learn 'humility' - if FIRST - I don't have all the answers?
The trials, disappointments, hurts and mistakes of this life are necessary for my spiritual growth. What opportunity has God given me this day to grow in the image and likeness of Christ?  Will I recognize the opportunity? Will I grow?

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