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03 Marley

Update received June 2011: We love Marley soooo much. He always enjoyed life, but now he is enjoying a much more active life with Carter, his new great dane puppy brother! I don't think I could have made it through the first month of puppihood if Marley hadn't been such a good big brother to Carter. Marley saved me from so many puppy bites. And Marley is the best little brother to Bungee, our 6 year old great dane. Marley is so submissive and willing to please that Bungee is completely comfortable around him. The ONLY thing we wish could be different about Marley is his need to be on leash. He has absolutely no recall outside. So, he goes for walks on our land only while on a leash. But, he still has the 2 acre fenced yard where he and his brothers run and romp multiple times a day. My heart wells up when I think of our sweet Marley. Thanks to All Dog Rescue for being there for him and for us.


Update received April 2007: This is not a happy ending... For us it is a happy beginning to sharing a wonderful life with our newest family member, Marley. Marley has been with us for three weeks and has grown since moving in with us - physically, emotionally and mentally. This last week he started to really come out of his shell and is having great fun showing us how much of a puppy he still is. Everyone in our family is bonding with him and he with us. Because Clyde (Marley's new brother, our nine year old, three legged, 130 pound, Saint Bernard/Great Dane mix) isn't able to keep up with Marley on walks, Marley gets extra walks with just Jennifer - long and fast ones - to burn off some extra energy. Marley's play is expanding to various types of toys and types of play. We put his toy basket upstairs so he has to go up there to get them. He learned pretty quickly how to play monkey in the middle. He was very shy about playing tug of war, but he now initiates it. Fetch in the house consists of us tossing a toy across the 22 foot living room, his running after it, skating across our hardwood floors when he tries to come to a stop, and then pouncing on the toy before tossing it around and bringing it back for more. He is learning to come when we call, to sit before we go out the door and stay until we say it is okay to go outside. We have started working on heeling and greeting other dogs while on walks in the cities. He is a very smart and happy little guy. Marley and Clyde are getting long very well. Marley is feeling brave enough to sleep on the same bed as Clyde at night. Marley snuggles close and they use each other as pillows. Marley respects Clyde's seniority and Clyde understands Marley is a little sweetheart of a puppy who needs nurturing and tolerance. I don't know how anyone (human or dog) could reject Marley because he is so endearing and sweet. The boys get many rides in the car together. Marley is starting to actually like the rides because he knows we go someplace new and different in the car. This spring there will be photos of them playing in our creek, or along and in Lake Superior, or hikes on the north shore, and in all sorts of parks throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. A little 60 pound puppy like Marley could scoot out between the strands of wire surrounding our fenced 2 acre dog yard. To prepare it for him, we will attach new mesh fencing to the posts as soon as the snow goes away. Onced that is done, Marley can play at high speed with us - using balls and frisbees without worry of his leash coming to an abrupt end or the living room coming to an abrupt end... We are really looking forward to a long life with Marley. He is the perfect dog we could have adopted at this point in our lives. Thank you so very much for being there with him at the right time and the right place. All of the work his foster family did with him shows in how much he already knew when he joined our family and how receiptive he is to new experiences. We will forever be grateful for All Dog Rescue for their work preparing Marley for his life with us and for bringing us together with him!"  

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