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01 Angie

Update received February 2010: We adopted Daisy (AKA our little cow) in September of 2008, and when we saw how much she loved other dogs we thought about getting another dog to add to our family. In December we saw Angie, and we could not say no to this beautiful dog. In January of 2010 we took Angie home. At first Daisy did not want to take to Angie and things were a little rough for the first couple days. They finally got over that hump and now are best friends! Daisy and Angie love going to the dog park and playing tug of war at home (Angie usually wins!) Daisy and Angie have their own kennels so that when we leave during the day they are kenneled up and out of harms way! We leave the kennel doors open all the time when we are home and a lot of the time they will be both cuddled up in one kennel or on the couch keeping each other company! We could not be happier with our two "fur babies!"


Update received October 2008: Daisy is not just our pet she has become our kid. She is an amazing addition to our family. All of our friends and family love her. Any one Daisy meets she warms their hearts. Jason and I can not get over what a joy she is. I want to thank you all at the Dog Rescue you have given us a house of joy. Daisy has meet new dog friends and has play dates every Saturday and Wednesday. Thank you again for giving us this amazing addition to our family!

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